Report: McCain Family to Support Biden Over Trump in 2020?

The family of late Arizona Senator John McCain has reportedly chosen to support Democrat Joe Biden in his bid for the White House in 2020.

The Washington Examiner reports that McCain’s wife Cindy, and daughter Meghan, will throw their support behind the former vice president both in the primary and general election, an extraordinary effort to help oust President Trump.

Biden is expected to officially announce his candidacy this week. The Examiner reveals that McCain’s family “will offer their public support in the hope of removing Trump from office in 2020.”

“It’s undeniable that Joe Biden and the McCain family have a very close, personal relationship,” a former campaign aide to the Senator is quoted as saying. “It’s about what’s good for him [Biden].”

Odd – the McCain family has always portrayed any change in principle as being what’s good for the country, not what is good for one man.


If there is a more blatantly obvious example of Trump Derangement Syndrome, we’re unaware of it.

If you’re so distraught by the President’s mean words that you’re willing to compromise core beliefs as a Republican and conservative, then you’re clearly unprincipled to begin with. Which practically make you a Democrat in the first place.

It’d be difficult to imagine suddenly becoming pro-abortion or pro-illegal immigration because somebody disrespected a family member. You might despise them personally, but having them alter who you are fundamentally isn’t a normal reaction.

While Trump’s handling of some comments about McCain, particularly his record of service has been lacking at times, the senator’s betrayal on certain matters politically – such as his vow to repeal and replace Obamacare or a willingness to side with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in their Russia collusion accusations – is fair game for criticism.

His passing, sad as it has been, does not make his legacy immune from critical review.

Glad They’re Not in the Senate

Last August, numerous pundits suggested that both Meghan and Cindy would make worthy choices to serve out the remainder of McCain’s term in the Senate.

They touted her conservative credentials in a sea of liberal colleagues on ‘The View.’

“If she’s interested in filling that seat,” Political journalist Tom Rogan wrote, “Meghan McCain would deserve immediate support from conservatives.”

It’s clear that had they been selected as opposed the eventual replacement in Martha McSally, the McCain family would have operated and governed not by conservative principles, but by their blind hatred for President Trump.

UPDATE: Cindy McCain has taken to social media to deny that she will get involved in the 2020 race.

Meghan McCain has yet to make a public statement on the matter.

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