A recently uncovered affidavit from 2014 indicates Gregg Fetterman, brother of John Fetterman, the Democratic nominee for Senate in Pennsylvania, tased a man in front of his wife and “physically challenged” adult son during a road rage incident.

The affidavit, obtained by Breitbart News, indicates the victim, Scott Kramer, claimed Gregg Fetterman was speeding when he attempted to merge in front of his vehicle, nearly causing a collision.

The report indicates he pulled up alongside Kramer’s car after they both took the exit. From there, things escalated with Kramer getting out of his vehicle and moving towards Fetterman’s because he “took offense to (his) driving.”

Kramer claims he started backing away when he realized the Democrat’s brother had a taser, but Fetterman fired it off anyway.

A criminal complaint, according to Breitbart, states “medical personnel” were required to cut the “taser probes” from Kramer’s body.

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John Fetterman’s Brother Tased a Man Then Fled the Scene

In the affidavit, Gregg Fetterman insisted he warned Kramer that he had a taser before discharging it and admitted to being “scared” and fleeing the scene.

A statement provided to Breitbart News indicates the brother of Senate candidate John Fetterman feels he was in the right to defend himself.

“I was defending myself and my young children from a 6’, 300 lbs enraged individual,” Gregg Fetterman said. “He blocked us in so we couldn’t drive away, then got out of his own car yelling and aggressively approaching us.”

He referred to the incident as an act of “self-defense.”

Fetterman was charged with harassment and ultimately paid $1,089.40 in restitution over the incident, the report indicates.

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Road Rage Incident

Democrat John Fetterman was involved in an incident in which he chased down an unarmed Black jogger and pointed a shotgun at him in 2013 while serving as Mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania. 

Fetterman, according to reports, heard gunshots in the neighborhood and happened to see a black man jogging at about the same time and decided to pursue him.

The man was patted down by police and released after they found no weapons.

“I believe I did the right thing,” Fetterman told WTAE-TV at the time. “But I may have broken the law in the course of it. I’m certainly not above the law.”

Vigilante justice seems to be a recurring theme with the Fetterman brothers.

Had a Republican chased down a black man with a shotgun because they assumed he had to be involved in a shooting, they would be charged with a hate crime.

From 2006 to 2018, when John Fetterman was mayor of Braddock, violent crime tripled accroding to FBI data, while reports of property crimes, burglaries, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft also increased dramatically.

But at least he kept the streets clean of one rogue jogger for a few minutes.

John Fetterman, who is being portrayed by Republicans as soft on crime, was the lone vote in favor of the failed release of Alexis Rodriguez, a gang member who killled the 17-year-old son of a Philadelphia police officer.

This is a pattern for the Senate candidate, who was also the sole vote to release a man who shot and killed a teenager for heroin money and a man who viciously killed a 58-year-old woman with a pair of scissors.

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