Report: America Experiencing ‘Unprecedented’ Stress Levels In Biden Era

The American Psychological Association (APA) released a new report on "Stress in America" indicating Americans are experiencing "alarming" and "unprecedented" levels of stress.

The American Psychological Association (APA) released a new report on “Stress in America” that gives a sobering view of how our countrymen are faring in these times.

Americans are experiencing “alarming” and “unprecedented” levels of stress.

The APA report finds that people are experiencing extreme levels of anxiety due significantly to current events such as economic factors, particularly inflation, along with concerns of war in light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

They also note that these concerns are piled onto an already COVID-weary nation.

“The number of people who say they’re significantly stressed about these most recent events is stunning relative to what we’ve seen since we began the survey in 2007,” reported Arthur C. Evans Jr., APA’s chief executive officer.

“Americans have been doing their best to persevere over these past two tumultuous years, but these data suggest that we’re now reaching unprecedented levels of stress that will challenge our ability to cope.”

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Stress in America High Under Biden

NBC News, which reports on the APA stress study accompanied by an image of individuals watching President Biden’s State of the Union address, notes significant economic issues being experienced under the current administration.

“87 percent of those surveyed cited rising costs of everyday items, such as groceries and gas, as a significant source of stress,” they write.

And those stress levels won’t be subsiding any time soon.

Consumer prices spiked at a new 40-year high of 7.9% from last February according to the latest reports. Month over month, prices spiked at 0.8%.

As noted by CNBC’s Steve Liesman, there’s “no good news” in these inflation numbers.

No good news. Is it any wonder Americans are suffering from new levels of stress? I mean … it’s only the necessities of life that are being affected.

“Increases in the indexes for gasoline, shelter, and food were the largest contributors to the seasonally adjusted all items increase,” the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals.

“Money stress,” according to the APA, is “at the highest recorded level since 2015.”

It sits at 65% in February of 2022, up 8% from the previous year.

The top four factors contributing to the latest “Stress in America” report are dominated by inflation (cited by 87%), supply chain issues (81%), global uncertainty (81%), and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (80%).

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COVID Contributions

The APA “Stress in America” report also mentions two years of a pandemic contributing to anxiety.

“These stressors are coming at a time when the nation is still struggling to deal with the prolonged pandemic and its effects on our daily lives, with close to two-thirds of adults (63%) saying their life has been forever changed by the COVID-19 pandemic,” they write.

President Biden certainly didn’t quell any stress levels when he told those unvaccinated against COVID just a few months ago that they will be facing a winter of “severe illness and death.”

Hard not to be stressed when confronted by a “winter of death.”

Mental health for Americans was greatly affected by what has felt like a “constant stream of crises without a break over the last two years,” according to the NBC News report.

During President Trump’s term, the APA “Stress in America” report was frequently cited as evidence that Trump was the cause of the nation’s stress.

“Americans Are Really Stressed About Donald Trump, Study Finds,” a Forbes headline reads from 2017.

Vox reported that the 2016 study revealed: “Trump’s presidency was traumatic for a lot of Americans.”

Forbes followed up in 2018 by reporting the survey shows “Americans Stressed About Trump’s Impact On Their Wallet.”

Will Biden’s presidency be highlighted to contextualize the stress report as they did the past several years to the former President?

Americans and their wallets were under a lot less stress during Trump’s term than they are today.

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