Senator Rand Paul criticized Dr. Anthony Fauci for spreading COVID “hysteria” that has led to more school closings across America.

Paul made the comments during an interview on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday morning, with the backdrop of schools shutting down in Chicago as the teacher’s union there continues to fight to keep children and teachers home.

The Kentucky Republican called the school closings “tragic” and something not supported by science.

“We’re doing mass testing of people that are not sick. We’re sending people home that have no symptoms, and we’re testing whole classes and sending more people home,” Paul fumed.

“We need to get rid of the hysteria,” he said, “but the people that are promoting the hysteria work for the government.”

“I mean this is Dr. Fauci’s fault largely because he’s still hysterically talking about mandates and shutting people down and not letting people fly and blaming the unvaccinated,” concluded Paul.

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Rand Paul Blames Fauci For School Hysteria

Senator Rand Paul, a longtime critic of the Biden administration’s infectious disease expert, blasted Fauci for hysteria as reports of teachers unions trying to get work off forcing schools to close again are cropping up.

The Chicago Teachers Union voted to return to remote learning on Wednesday, giving parents only hours warning over the move that would keep their children home for the foreseeable future.

“Teachers in Chicago voted not to show up to work Wednesday over COVID fears and only announced the move at 11 pm on Tuesday, causing utter chaos for parents,” the Daily Mail reported.

73% of the membership of the Chicago Teachers Union voted in favor of remote learning, despite having just 400 students and staff infected with COVID.

Even Mayor Lori Lightfoot blasted the move.

‘There is no basis in the data, the science, or common sense for us to shut an entire system down,” she said.

When Lori freaking Lightfoot stands out as a voice of reason, you know you’ve done something incredibly stupid.

As children are kept from the learning environment, Chicago public schools rank as some of the least proficient when it comes to academics, with only 27% of 8th graders proficient in mathematics, 23% in reading, and 7% in science.

Perhaps the teachers in Chicago are a product of those same schools since they don’t seem to understand the science.

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Fauci Always Thinking of How to Control People

Senator Rand Paul has repeatedly singled out Fauci, the face of the pandemic response in America, for harsh criticism. And rightly so.

In a recent interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Paul blasted Fauci as “granting his impulse to authoritarianism” when it comes to vaccine mandates.

“His default position is always, ‘How can I control people? How can I regulate people?'” he said.

Teachers’ unions and schools seem more than happy to operate under that impulse for control.

Despite Paul’s assertions, Fauci himself has contradicted teachers’ unions and their desire to keep schools closed.

“I plead with parents to please seriously consider vaccinating your children, wearing masks in the school setting, doing test-to-stay approaches when children get infected,” Fauci said.

“I think all those things put together, it’s safe enough to get those kids back to school, balanced against the deleterious effects of keeping them out.”

It was only roughly one year ago that the Chicago Teachers Union was fighting to avoid going back to school in the first place.

“Our goal is, and has always been, a mutually agreed-upon safe reopening plan for our schools,” the group said last February. “These decisions, however, cannot be made unilaterally in a vacuum.”

Former congressman Trey Gowdy slammed the union for fighting a return to schools saying, “If you don’t want to teach, go do something else.”

“They can give you all the reasons not to go back into classroom, but they can’t seem to find a single reason to go back into classroom,” Gowdy observed.

“Teaching is hard work even without a pandemic … I get it,” he added. “But if you don’t want to teach, go do something else.”

Every word of that rings true again at the beginning of 2022.