Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Shocked When Don Lemon Asks If Biden Has The Mental Stamina To Run In 2024

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was surprised and tried laughing off a question from CNN's Don Lemon on whether or not President Biden has the mental stamina to run in 2024.
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White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was surprised and tried laughing off a question from Don Lemon on whether or not President Biden has the mental stamina to run in 2024.

The somewhat tense and awkward exchange came during an interview with the CNN host on Monday.

“Does the president have the stamina, physically and mentally, do you think to continue on even after 2024?” Lemon asked.

“Don, you’re asking me this question,” the clearly shocked press secretary shot back. “Oh my gosh. He’s the president of the United States.”

“That is not a question that we should be even asking,” Jean-Pierre added. “Just look at the work he does. And look how he’s delivering for the American public.”

If that is the measuring stick – what he’s “delivering” for the American public – then it’s a definite no, he’s not physically and mentally capable enough to run in 2024.

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Karine Jean-Pierre: How Dare You Question Biden’s Mental and Physical Stamina

Don Lemon’s question about Biden’s mental and physical stamina, and what Karine Jean-Pierre is trying to dismiss, stems from a report by the New York Times indicating “dozens of frustrated Democratic officials, members of Congress and voters” have “expressed doubts about the president’s ability to rescue his reeling party and take the fight to Republicans.”

In the article, one DNC member is quoted as saying Biden “should announce his intent not to seek re-election in ’24 right after the midterms.”

It also cites David Axelrod, the former chief strategist for Barack Obama’s two campaigns, who openly worried about Biden’s age.

“The presidency is a monstrously taxing job and the stark reality is the president would be closer to 90 than 80 at the end of a second term, and that would be a major issue,” said Axelrod.

But Jean-Pierre doesn’t see it as a legitimate concern.

She dismissed the report as “hearsay” – despite the outlet referencing interviews with nearly 50 Democratic officials – and “not what we care about.”

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He’s So Fit She Can’t Keep Up

Jean-Pierre tried countering the notion that Biden’s stamina is an issue, saying, “You know, I can’t even keep up with him.”

Which sounds more like a prepared talking point when you consider her predecessor, Jen Psaki, said nearly the same exact thing when she was questioned about the President’s stamina.

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“I can tell you, having traveled with him a fair amount, sometimes he’s hard to keep up with,” Psaki said.

It says more about Jean-Pierre than anything if she’s incapable of keeping pace with a guy who falls up stairs, wantonly makes declarations of war, and struggles with super-big words.

That said, Jean-Pierre might be onto something judging by her press conferences.

While your paycheck gets stretched into oblivion by ever-rising gas prices and skyrocketing inflation, the White House press secretary spent yesterday touting the President’s ‘historic’ economic boom.

“The American people are well positioned to face these challenges because of the economic historic gains that we have made under this president in the last six months,” she claimed without evidence.

She fumbled again when prompted for an update on the baby formula shortage in America.

The crisis is the most important issue facing parents today and rather than provide an update, Jean-Pierre said “uhh…” followed by about 20 seconds of silence, then admitted she had no updates.

As bad as Biden’s mental and physical stamina are – and they are pretty bad – perhaps it’s the people he surrounds himself by that should be the bigger concern.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson, responding to a partisan speech following the tragic school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, described Biden as “frail, confused” and “unfit for leadership of this country.”

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan has questioned the mental capacity of the President, suggesting “everybody knows he’s out of his mind.”

Former White House doctor and current Texas congressman Ronny Jackson predicted last July that President Biden will either be pressured to resign or he’ll be removed via the 25th Amendment.

“There’s something seriously going on with this man right now,” Jackson understated.

Biden would be 82 if inaugurated in January, 2025, and 86 at the end of his second term should he run again and win.

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