President Trump Reacts to Declassification of FISA Memo

trump reacts fisa memo

Just moments ago, President Trump declassified the contents of the controversial FISA memo crafted by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes that contains shocking information about surveillance abuse committed against the Trump campaign.

Immediately, the President took questions from reporters on the content of the memo, which are damning to say the least.

Our worst fears have become a reality: the FBI accepted the infamous Trump dossier knowing full well it was compiled by the Hillary Clinton campaign. It was from this dossier, which contained false information, that a FISA warrant was issued to spy on the Trump campaign. It has now been confirmed that the FISA warrant would have never been given had there not been a dossier.

That means the FBI accepted political opposition research to smear a private citizen. That’s really bad.

President Trump is not happy about this turn of events. He spoke to reporters about his declassifying the memo. You can watch his comments here:

President Trump is right. Our public leaders have let us down, and have weaponized our bureaucracy against a private citizen for nothing more than political gain.

Many, many people should be ashamed of this revelation. Trump declined to speak on if he’s going to fire anyone yet, namely Deputy Director Rosenstein:

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The full FISA memo can be read here:

House Intelligence Committee Report On FISA Abuses by The Federalist on Scribd