President Trump Outraged Over Report Claiming He Mocked Fallen Soldiers


On Thursday night, President Donald Trump thoroughly denounced a story by The Atlantic that cited anonymous sources claiming he called America’s fallen soldier heroes “suckers” and “losers.”

“To think that I would make statements negative to our military and our fallen heroes … it is a disgraceful situation by a magazine that’s a terrible magazine,” Trump said. “I don’t read it, but I just heard about it.”

Trump: ‘It’s A Total Lie; It’s Fake News. It’s A Disgrace’

Trump made his comments at Andrews Air Force Base after returning late Thursday from a campaign rally in Wisconsin.

“It’s a total lie; it’s fake news. It’s a disgrace, and frankly its a disgrace to your profession,” Trump told reporters as he exited Air Force One.

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The Atlantic cited anonymous sources in a Thursday story who claimed that in 2018, Trump did not want to visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery at the site of Battle of Belleau Wood while in Paris because he was worried about his hair in the rain.

The sources claimed Trump expressed that the cemetery was “filled with losers” and that the fallen soldiers were “suckers” for being killed.

“They made it up and probably it’s a couple of people that have been failures in the administration that I got rid of and I couldn’t get rid of them fast enough,” the President said. “Or it was just made up, but it’s unthinkable.”

Trump explained that his presence at the ceremony at the cemetery was canceled because of unsafe weather for flight. He added that a motorcade was out of the question because French police would have to shut down parts of Paris to make the trip happen.

“The Secret Service told me, ‘you can’t do it,’” Trump said.

Trump slams The Atlantic

Trump then denounced The Atlantic and its sources in no uncertain terms.

“What animal would say such a thing?” Trump asked.

“If people really exist that would have said that, they’re lowlifes and they’re liars,” Trump said. “And I would be willing to swear on anything that I never said that about our fallen heroes. There is nobody that respects that more.”

Trump White House team members forcefully denounce the report

Several White House team members who on that 2018 trip also denounced the story.

“The Atlantic story on Donald Trump is total BS,” wrote former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. “I was actually there and one of the people part of the discussion – this never happened.”

Sanders added that she was “disgusted” by the Atlantic’s bogus attack.

“These were some of the moments I witnessed the President show his heart and demonstrate how much he respects the selfless and courageous men and women of our military,” Sanders said.


The president’s body man during that trip, Jordan Karem, posted on Twitter.

“Again, this is 100% false. I was next to the president the whole day!” he wrote. “The President was greatly disappointed when told we couldn’t fly there. He was incredibly eager to honor our Fallen Heroes.”


‘Despicable lie’

Trump Senior Adviser Stephen Miller, who was also on the trip, called the story a “despicable lie.”

“The president deeply wanted to attend the memorial event in question and was deeply displeased by the bad weather call,” he told the Washington Examiner.

Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Dan Scavino said the story was completely bogus as well.

“There is literally not one thing ‘reported’ from France that is accurate or true, 100% complete lies!” he wrote.

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“This is a politically motivated hit piece, on the President of the United States, 60 days before a presidential election,” Scavino wrote.

“A total disgrace!!” he emphasized.

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