President Trump Hammers ‘Dumb’ Don Lemon For Biased Debate Question

President Trump offered a scathing rebuke of CNN’s Don Lemon over what he viewed as a clearly biased question on alleged ‘bigotry’ during the Democratic debate.

Lemon, who just 24 hours earlier labeled Trump the “race-baiter-in-chief,” dropped the facade of impartiality and flat out described the President as a racist when asking a question.

“What do you say to those Trump voters who prioritize the economy over the president’s bigotry?” he asked Amy Klobuchar.

How CNN can ever try to get away with describing this twit as an actual journalist is a mystery. The fact that the Democrats were okay with him as a moderator speaks volumes about the kinds of questions they were hoping to get during these debates.

Trump Irate

President Trump fired back on social media earlier, hammering Lemon as the “dumbest man on television” and mocking CNN for their low ratings, in part due to their clearly biased anchors.


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Earlier this year, Lemon complained that the President’s mean words “take a toll on me, on my privacy and safety and security, and the safety and security of my family.”

He openly wondered about continuing on in media. Let’s hope he wonders a little more about it now that the President is calling him out yet again.

Criticism of Lemon

Presenting non-existent bigotry as fact would tick off anybody, really, but why did nobody at CNN tell Lemon that question is out of line if the network is to be taken seriously during these debates?

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz slammed Lemon after praising his debate moderator colleagues, Jake Tapper and Dana Bash.

“The liberal opinion host on the panel asked questions that were blatantly from the left promoting gun control and referring to President Trump as a racially divisive bigot,” he fumed.

Dumb (Stupid)

Gotta love how the President added a synonym for dumb to his tweet, just in case Lemon didn’t get the point.

However, this isn’t the first time Trump has used those exact words – “dumbest man on television” – to describe CNN’s pride and joy.

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There’s plenty of material to sort through that will back up his claims.

There’s the time he claimed “white men” are the biggest terror threat in America. There’s the time he launched his own verbal bigoted attacks at Trump supporter, Kanye West. There’s the time he blamed a shooting threat on the President. Or the time he insisted that anyone who works in the White House is “complicit” in Trump’s “racism.”

And then there’s the moment, quite recently, in which he compared Trump to Hitler, a bridge even Andrew Cuomo’s little brother wasn’t willing to cross.

“Don Lemon is a lightweight – dumb as a rock,” the President wrote in 2016. Not much has changed.

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