President Trump Announces AG Bill Barr Has Resigned – Will Be Leaving Administration Before Christmas

On Monday, President Donald Trump announced U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr has resigned, and will be leaving his administration on December 23rd.  

Trump shared a copy of Barr’s resignation letter on Twitter and wrote, “As per letter, Bill will be leaving just before Christmas to spend the holidays with his family.” 

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Trump: Barr ‘Has Done An Outstanding Job!’

In Barr’s letter, he said that he and President Trump discussed voter fraud allegations, and Barr was praised for his strong record during his time as Attorney General, including fighting the “out of bounds” Russia investigation.

Trump said he had a “very nice” meeting with Barr on Monday at the White House and said his AG had done as “outstanding job.” 

“Just had a very nice meeting with Attorney General Bill Barr at the White House. Our relationship has been a very good one, he has done an outstanding job!”

Trump added, “Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen, an outstanding person, will become Acting Attorney General. Highly respected Richard Donoghue will be taking over the duties of Deputy Attorney General.”

“Thank you to all!” Trump added.

Trump Has Previously Attacked Barr

It’s not all roses for the sometimes-derided Attorney General. 

Throughout President Trump’s first term in office, he has expressed displeasure at Barr’s inaction on various fronts. 

Earlier this month, President Trump was incensed that the Department of Justice was not taking voter fraud claims seriously

The President also hinted that Barr didn’t take the allegations about Hunter Biden seriously.

Is Barr Leaving Before Possible Pardons For Julian Assange Or Edward Snowden?

The timing for Barr’s departure is rather curious. If President Trump really has lost the election, Barr is resigning with less than a month to go. 

Why not ride it out?

After Barr’s announcement on Monday, Never Trump leader Bill Kristol wondered if the AG’s leaving might have anything to do with President Trump possibly pardoning whistleblowers Julian Assange and/or Edward Snowden.

“I’ve got to think Barr wanted out before the final wave of pardons–especially if those include not just the usual distasteful Trump cronies but perhaps Assange and/or Snowden,” tweeted Kristol.

During a Sunday press conference President Trump revisited the idea of pardoning Snowden.

Many on both the right and left support pardoning the whistleblower.

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Whether Barr’s exit is anticipation of such pardons is something we will find out over the next month before the presidential inauguration.

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