President Mocked After Hot Mic Catches Him Declaring ‘No One F***s With a Biden’

Biden hot mic

President Biden was caught on a hit mic Wednesday thumping his chest while speaking with Ray Murphy, the mayor of Fort Myers Beach, and declaring “no one f***s with a Biden.”

Biden was touring Fort Myers as the city tries to recover from the devastation wrought by Hurricane Ian.

Murphy thanked him for taking the time to visit and told the President to “keep the faith.”

“By the way, you’re raised the same way I was,” he interjected. “No one fucks with a Biden.”

“You’re goddamn right,” a laughing Murphy replied.

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No One F***s With a Biden?

Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy said he didn’t mind the “salty” language from the President.

“It was not directed at anybody. It was just two guys talking. It didn’t faze me one bit,” Murphy told NBC News. “That’s just the way two guys talk to each other from our respective backgrounds.”

Still, critics couldn’t help but laugh at the ‘no one f***s with a Biden’ mantra.

“‘Nobody fucks with a Biden…’ tweeted comedian Tim Young. “Teleprompters, stairs, bikes, dementia, completing sentences and solid foods are another conversation altogether.”

“He probably just got done telling the Corn Pop story,” joked columnist Benny Johnson.

Comedian Nick DiPaolo quipped, “I know about 350 escorts who would disagree!”

DiPaolo’s comments were a reference to Hunter Biden, the President’s son, whose penchant for prostitutes and drugs has been well documented by his own laptop.

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OPEC Embarrassed Him on the Very Same Day

Others pointed out the irony in Biden’s comments on a day that OPEC and Saudi Arabia very publicly embarrassed the President.

OPEC announced Wednesday that it will slash oil production by about 2 million barrels per day, a move meant to curb oil prices but will almost certainly cause gasoline prices to rise in the United States just five weeks before the midterm elections.

This comes after the Biden administration, according to CNN, “launched a full-scale pressure campaign in a last-ditch effort to dissuade Middle Eastern allies from dramatically cutting oil production.”

The response amounts to a massive ‘eff you.’

This comes after reports surfaced in March that leaders in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) refused to take calls from the White House as Biden was pushing for more oil production during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

They messed with him so badly that the left-wing host of “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah, pointed out that such a move would never have taken place under former President Donald Trump.

“That must have been really embarrassing for Biden. Can you imagine?” Noah wondered. “He phones them and they don’t pick up?”

Adding insult to injury, a state-run television station in Saudi Arabia mercilessly mocked President Biden in a comedy skit just a few weeks later.

On Wednesday, the US Oil and Gas Association took a jab at Biden for his failures in negotiating with OPEC.

“The White House has one option left and it is the one option they should have never turned away from in the first place – the US-based oil and gas industry,” the group tweeted.

“Life comes at you pretty fast,” they added.

Anne Bradbury, CEO of the American Exploration and Production Council, blasted President Biden for his “nonsensical” energy policies.

Even the New York Times slammed the President’s “failure” involving “his fist-bump diplomacy over the summer with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia.”

Critics have also pointed out that the President’s ineptitude with foreign policy has caused many nations to ‘f***’ with a Biden.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) ignored his calls, the Taliban overran Afghanistan within hours of his botched withdrawal last summer, and Russia opted to make its move on Ukraine under his administration.

Is there anybody who hasn’t screwed with Biden at this point?

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