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Poll: Democrats Like John McCain More Than Republicans

A new WSJ/NBC News indicates that Democrats view Sen. John McCain in more of a positive light than their Republican counterparts.

McCain, a one-time Republican candidate for president, was viewed positively by 52% of Democrats and only 35% of Republicans.

In fact, within his own party, McCain is under water, with 44 percent holding a negative view of the longtime politician, and 35 percent holding a positive view.


Democrats have to be thrilled with McCain’s consistent opposition to President Trump and the Republican agenda, most recently helping Obama’s legacy by killing an Obamacare replacement bill. Not once, but twice.


“Mr. McCain ultimately cast the vote that killed Republican efforts this summer to undo large swaths of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, after decrying the process led by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as too partisan,” the Wall Street Journal writes. “The move likely helped burnish his image among Democrats.”

If your legacy is to burnish your image among Democrats, why bother remaining a Republican at all?


During the 2008 presidential election, McCain was held in high esteem by nearly 80 percent of Republicans, while 69 percent of Democrats looked down on him in a negative manner.

My, how times are changing.


Or maybe they aren’t.

In 2001, McCain came very close – even discussing details of a potential news conference – to announcing he was leaving the Republican party, becoming an independent, and as a result, throwing control of the Senate to the Democrats.

He only backed down from doing so when another party member defected telling Democrats, “somebody else has given you the majority — you don’t need me anymore.”

They’ve certainly needed McCain on quite a few occasions of late in trying to squash the Trump agenda though, haven’t they?

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