Photos are now circulating across the internet that the owner of the Cibolo Creek ranch where Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died at was actually a Democrat Party mega-donor.

This is starting to raise eyebrows. His name is John Poindexter, who has donated many thousands of dollars to Democrats and recently received an award from President Barack Obama for his service in Vietnam.

It has been long-standing policy for the Obama administration to grant presidential awards to those who are among the president’s most prized political donors.

It was Poindexter who reportedly was among those who initially discovered the Justice’s body, and who then coordinated with local officials to have Justice Scalia declared dead via a phone conversation with the area medical examiner – but without an actual medical examination of the body.

Mr. Poindexter was also said to be the primary point man between the ranch location and federal authorities who were notably slow to arrive on scene.

To date, there is said to have been no request for an autopsy even though initial reports suggest the Supreme Court Justice was found with a “pillow over his head” and had died alone in his room without any apparent witnesses. Scalia was described as having been in good spirits in the hours prior to his death. […]


That will be for you the readers to decide.

Via DC Whispers

This story is becoming stranger by the day.

This all may be a stretch, but the Obama administration has killed American citizens before and is highly secretive. Since Obama doesn’t care about the Constitution and conservatives on the Supreme Court keep getting in his way, is it really impossible for this to be true?

Here are the pictures in question:


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