Nancy Pelosi continued to take personal shots at Donald Trump’s mental state, saying his recent “temper tantrum” has led her to “pray for the President.”

It is the latest escalation in the war of words between the House Speaker and the White House.

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On Wednesday, the President walked into a scheduled meeting with Democrat leaders on infrastructure, blasted them over conducting “phony investigations,” and promptly walked out.

The fiery one-sided exchange was apparently in response to Pelosi’s allegations that Trump was engaged in a “cover-up.”

Pelosi opined that Trump’s reaction was that of an unwell man.

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“The president stormed out, pounded the table, walked out the door,” the California Democrat told reporters. “Another temper tantrum, again, I pray for the president of the United States.”

“I wish that his family, the administration, and his staff would have an intervention for the good of the country,” she added.

Trump to Pelosi – You Lie!

Trump has repeatedly denied that he raised his voice or gesticulated in a wild manner in getting his point across. Perhaps the Democrats aren’t used to being told they’re not getting their way any longer, mistakenly interpreting his actions as being angry.

On Wednesday, President Trump explained that he was “purposely very polite and calm” knowing how the Democrats and media would interpret any perceived aggression.

He brought it up again on Thursday …

Trump Jr. Eviscerates Pelosi

The President’s son, Donald Trump Jr., took a shot at Pelosi for daring to invoke prayer and religion as her party continually fights for the right to kill babies.

“I don’t think the party of infanticide is praying for anyone,” he quipped. “That is not what they do. We get that.”

“Constant attacks on American values, on democracy,” he added. “Honestly, this election, 2020, it is about communism versus freedom. You can choose.”

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Pelosi invoking religion when she feels like it is par for the course.

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Just a short time ago, the Catholic Democrat trashed a pro-life bill in Alabama that would save the lives of countless innocent children, then had the gall to declare that all illegal immigrants have “dignity and worth” and “a spark of divinity.”

She isn’t praying for Trump. She isn’t praying for the lives of innocent babies. Pelosi simply prays for whatever will help her out politically.

Somebody should really stage an intervention with her.