Pelosi Flirts With Packing Court And Suggests ‘Maybe We Need More District Courts’


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Monday that we should “take a look and see” whether we should pack the Supreme Court thus growing its size and added “maybe we need more district courts as well.”

Pelosi said on MSNBC’s “All In,” “I think that Joe Biden has given us a good path. He’s going to have something that people can understand why this is important.”

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Pelosi Says ‘Let’s Take A Look And See’ At Packing The Supreme Court

“And I like something that Brian said about, not just the Supreme Court, but the other courts,” she continued. “In 1876, there were nine justices on the court. Our population has grown enormously since then.”

That’s when Pelosi left the door wide open to packing the court.

“Should we expand the court?” Pelosi asked. “Well, let’s take a look and see.”

“But not — and that relates to the nine district courts, maybe we need more district courts as well,” she added. “And one other thing we need, we need for these justices to disclose their holdings.”

Pelosi seemed to be taking the lead of the far left of her party.

Pelosi Taking Cues From The Extreme Left Of The Democratic Party

Self-described socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted Monday in the wake of Barrett becoming the next SCOTUS justice, “expand the court.”

Democratic Senator Ed Markey said the same thing, tweeting, “We must expand the Supreme Court.”

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What Did Trump And The Republicans Do Wrong? They Followed The Constitution

Even though the Constitution requires the President of the United States to nominate a new candidate to fill vacant high court seats, and for the U.S. Senate to confirm said candidate – which is exactly what happened – Democrats continue to behave as if Republicans have committed a major crime by following the law.

If Donald Trump loses On November 3rd, he will have placed three conservative justices on the Supreme Court, a major achievement for any president.

If President Trump keeps the White House, expect the left to become even more unhinged – the Constitution and rule of law be damned.

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