Overwhelmed With Illegals, NYC Considers Turning Former McDonald’s Into a Massive Migrant ‘Mega Shelter’


Mayor Eric Adams of New York City is not having a fun time handling all the ‘diversity’ being dropped off at his doorstep. In fact, since he took office, the number of illegal migrants being bused into his city from states like Texas have put a severe strain on NYC’s public resources.

Well, officials within Adams’ own party are starting to call him, as well as President Joe Biden, out for allowing the liberal utopia to morph into something less desirable— a city where no one wants to move there, and where the locals don’t even feel safe.

One reason being is that things have gotten so bad, that there is a potential plan coming from the Mayor’s office to use a former McDonald’s restaurant in the heart of Times Square and tun it into a large migrant shelter.

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Would You Like Some Border Patrol With That?

Democratic City Councilman Robert Holden felt that Mayor Adams, New York Governor Kathy Hochul, and the Biden Administration were doing so poorly, he ventured into the waters of “Fox & Friends” to talk about the mess that his city has turned into.

While Holden expressed that the migrant crisis in his city had bothered him for a long time, the proposal to convert the former McDonald’s in Times Square into a shelter was too much even for him to tolerate.

“I don’t like the governor’s approach, and I don’t like Biden’s approach,” said Holden. “It’s wrong for the United States and certainly wrong for New York City.”

That’s the understatement of they year, but definitely a good start especially coming from a Democrat politician who is still in office. The McDonald’s plan comes at a point where the city has had issues with putting groups of migrants into close to one hundred hotels across the city as they struggle to find places to house them temporarily.

Holden has said that these illegals should “stay in Mexico” and added that things are so bad that even the ICE office in Manhattan has been “booked for the next ten years.”

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Slower Than a McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Because of this self-induced catastrophe, Holden stated that New York City has dug itself into a hole that they fear they can’t crawl out of.

According to Fox News, “asylum applications cannot be processed, so migrants are unable to work. In the meantime, he [Holden] said migrants are receiving ‘shelter, they’re getting food, clothing, and they’re getting cell phones.'”

“What are we supposed to do? Keep these people in shelters and pay for it? It’s going to be $5 billion soon that the city has to pay for. And guess who’s going to pay for it, the taxpayers of New York City,” said Holden.

$5 billion could get you a ton of Big Macs, just saying…

Holden also called out Adams’ plan to even use taxpayer dollars to send illegals to college, with the estimates for the pilot program already hitting $1.2 million to cover classes, room and board, and perhaps more just to cover 100 migrants alone.

Holden remarked, “We’ve got to pay for our kids. We’ve got to work for years to pay for our kids’ education, or they take out student loans, but [migrants] are getting free college.”

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