Our Message To President Trump: Don’t Bailout Blue States!


Why should the real savers and workers have to bail out the spenders of other people’s money? They always depend on responsible fiscal and social conservatives to bail them out: not now and never again.


Blue states have bloated governments with high-salaried employees and gold-plated benefits packages, including fabulous retirement plans. Blue states have generous welfare programs, another Democrat voting block.

Blue states are nearly all “sanctuary states,” spending taxpayer money on non-citizens in a variety of ways. Even if these non-citizens don’t vote, their voting-age citizen children do, and they vote Democrat.

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So the Blue States spend a lot of money on certain constituencies (clients), in exchange for votes. That’s their decision, and getting their taxpayers to “pony-up” is their problem. Ditto for their education systems, K through state universities. All these are Democrat voting blocks, so the state “takes care” of them.


The Democrat governors of these Blue States have had the most draconian anti-business policies during the Coronavirus, resulting in job losses. That was their decision.

As a result of their actions, tax revenues will fall, some drastically so. That’s their problem.

President Donald Trump needs to veto blue-state bailouts. No federal money for state pensions, no greasing the unions, nothing for anything that was a state Governors responsibility, apart from direct coronavirus help. Ever.


Some feel there is a coordinated national effort underway executed by blue state governors and leftist city mayors to bankrupt and crash the system Cloward and Piven style. These leftist totalitarians already ruled over bankrupt economies that were unsustainable because of their leftist policies pandering to union labor leaders, illegal immigrants, drug addicts, homeless transients and SJWs. This is not even mentioning some of their pet projects that wasted hundreds of billions of dollars on things like Governor Moonbeams high-speed rail boondoggle.

They have exploited the virus manufactured “crisis.” They are attempting to create a national new normal where citizens’ movements are restricted, and they are ordered to comply with various dictates handed down by local authorities indefinitely.

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Boy, do I hope that Congress sticks it to the blue states, and I live in one. There is no reason why taxpayers across this country should deal with the current and prior malfeasance of these state governments.

Think of it this way: As individuals, we do our best to save some money (at least we should, if you don’t believe in that concept, then stop reading here). Why? Well, at some point, we likely won’t have an income stream… it’s called retirement. That said, having some money set aside in case of an emergency is an important idea as well. You never know when your car will die, or your roof will need to fix, etc. So, you save some more. If you don’t have it, and the unexpected strikes, you are toast.

So, why shouldn’t states be held to the same standard? Why should states with their fiscal houses in order bail out those that have been spending like drunken sailors for decades? The answer is, they shouldn’t.

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So, how will Congress act? If they act at all, it should be in a way that benefits citizens directly, bypassing the state level altogether. That way, we do not bail out the awful policies of the past, and we can get money to those who need it in red states and to those who are victims of blue state lockdown policies, nothing for the governors.

Let’s see if the Senate can hold the line, but with a bunch of compromised stock-selling senators, I suspect that it will be hard.

Hey Democrat governors: Don’t make YOUR problem MY problem. You want to make ME pay for the ramifications of YOUR decisions so that you can BUY VOTES? Maybe when hell freezes over



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