Of Course They Did: Dems Try To Sneak In Funds For Undocumented Aliens In Latest Stimulus Check Proposal

Democrats are back at it again, playing politics with your money and lives.

President Trump and the Republicans wanted to give out stimulus checks weeks ago, but Rep. Nancy Pelosi and her coven didn’t want him to get the credit.

Now they are editing that proposal with their own, which looks to have a poison pill included, giving undocumented aliens their share.

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Somebody would have distributed the stimulus checks much sooner but while Trump was in DC negotiating and trying to get the details approved, Pelosi thought it was more important to have her hair done in California.

[Fox News] A stimulus package proposed by Democrats in the House of Representatives includes a number of items that will benefit illegal immigrants — including an expansion of stimulus checks and protections from deportations for illegal immigrants in certain “essential” jobs.

The $2.2 trillion bill includes language that allows some illegal immigrants — who are “engaged in essential critical infrastructure labor or services in the United States” — to be placed into “a period of deferred action” and authorized to work if they meet certain conditions.


These Democrats placed a poison pill in the bill, which gives money and protection to undocumented immigrants.

During the pandemic, they took away schools and businesses along with churches. They stopped you from attending funerals for your loved ones.

They are essentially stating they don’t care about the havoc they caused because they care more about power.

They want to overrun the borders with third-world world refugees that take your money and jobs that you and your family need.

They tried to take away your civil liberties, and it should be met with anger.

Vote out every incumbent democrat on every level of government, Federal State, and local.

How much do you need to see that they don’t care about future generations of Americans?

Giving money to undocumented immigrants who could be more money to small businesses or more American families is their blueprint.

Trump has been against that in the past. I hope he and the Republicans stick to their guns and give them nothing.

Part of the reason Trump was elected was because of his stance on immigration.

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Don’t approve free money to just about everyone. We do not need more debt that future generations will have to repay.

Help small businesses and give temporary government jobs to all those who have no jobs to return to.

We could use some Forrest management work, which would require thousands of workers.

There is a massive backlog of maintenance work in national parks. But stop giving money away —just what the Left wants.


Call Trump what you want, but the man has accomplished more in 47 months than most, if not all, politicians do in a lifetime.

“He is rude” or “he hurt my one feeling” isn’t cutting it any more.

Vote for his policies and for the American way of life, or we will be the next Venezuela, whether you believe it or not.

Liberals who will vote to murder an innocent child in the womb and even after it’s born, are not trusted.

Think about it, if a baby isn’t valued or cared about, what makes you think they care about our welfare?


Two months ago, both sides staked out their negotiating position on this bill.

The Dems said $3T and Pres. Trump said $1T due to the fact he said he’s “not gonna bail out wasteful State Governments” (read that as the Democrat States)…or line the pocket of the Unions.

We all knew they were going to end up at the logical number….$1.5T….so. Why all the political drama?

Great, now they can continue their folly. Do they realize that they can’t print money indefinitely?

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America can’t afford to keep a large portion of its workforce idle. Tossing aside the unemployed, these stimulus checks is no solution.

Even worse, the politicians are undoubtedly sneaking in hordes of special interest favors buried in the fine print of each stimulus bill.

Wake up, America.

Your politicians are destroying your country by keeping America shut down and continuing to overspend on the pandemic grossly and elsewhere.


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