Obama Holds Private Meeting With Democrat Hopefuls to Discuss How to Defeat Trump

Step one – Don’t be Obama. Step two – Don’t be Hillary. Rinse and repeat.

Barack Obama, whose policies were on the ballot in 2016 in the form of Hillary Clinton, is coaching Democrat hopefuls on how they can beat President Trump in 2020.

This, according to an unnamed Democrat close to the former President, who claims he’s met with a wide range of prospective Trump opponents such as Bernie Sanders, Eric Holder, Elizabeth Warren, and his partner in crime, former Vice President Joe Biden.

According to that source, Obama is teaching the potential Trump foils “on how to respond to the president, positioning and broader challenges with the party.”

You know, challenges such as not having a single coherent platform or policy.

Politico first reported on the meetings which they described as “secretive sit-downs” which were “arranged quietly” with even some of those very close to people involved in them being kept in the dark.

“He has been very clear about the need for the Democratic Party to rebuild and part of that is lifting up the next generation of leaders,” the Democrat said. “So if people want advice or a gut check or just to come in and look at the challenges we face, he is happy to do that.”

Is this really the guy you want as a guiding voice in the race to beat Trump?

The 2016 presidential election was widely seen as a referendum on a perceived third term for Obama, as Hillary would continue his policies. (RELATED: Bill Clinton Claims Obama to Blame For Major Election Losses).

“The notion somehow that well, I’m not as inspired because Barack and Michelle are not on the ballot this time, maybe we’ve got to take it easy –- my legacy is on the ballot!” Obama pleaded.

Here’s how that went …

In September, Obama announced that he was holding a summit “to inspire and empower people to change the world.”

In other words, he’s giving ‘hope and change’ another run. We don’t think simplistic bumper stickers are going to be an effective means of stopping President Trump.

Obama “doesn’t see himself as the person to come up with the plan, people who know about the meetings say, but he is eager to be a sounding board and counselor to the Democrats he sees as playing a role in shaping the party’s future,” according to the Politico report.

We welcome his presence just as we would Hillary Clinton’s – just another deterrent to chase the American people away from the Democratic Party.

Nobody wants to go back to the Obama years. We’re enjoying progress and winning under President Trump a little too much.

Do you think Obama will help or hurt the Democrats in 2020? Share your thoughts below!

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