It might be hard to believe, but President Obama and his minions are actually waltzing around during the waning days of his presidency proudly announcing that the administration remained ‘scandal free’ during his eight years in office!

It has been an oft-repeated theme as the President struggles to preserve some sort of legacy.

“We have not had the kinds of scandals that have plagued other administrations,” Obama proudly proclaimed.

His top adviser, Valerie Jarrett concurred, saying “The president prides himself on the fact that his administration hasn’t had a scandal.”

While determining what amounts to a scandal can sometimes lead to varying results, most media outlets put the number at much higher than zero.

One source suggests that the Obama administration has been involved in 18 major scandals, with the very obvious ones including Operation Fast and Furious, the IRS targeting scandal, and of course the Benghazi cover up.

Another media group contends that when using the same standards media used to determine a scandal during the George W. Bush presidency, you could define well over 600 incidents that would constitute a scandal.

Via Grabien:

To help refresh everyone’s memory, Grabien is now publishing what we think is the most exhaustively researched, chronologically comprehensive collection of every scandal that struck the Obama Administration.

As of this publication — which we plan to continue updating — the tally stands at: 633.

What’s our standard for inclusion? First, think back to America’s more innocent days, where scandals didn’t seem to come in such rapid-fire succession. The infamous Teapot Dome scandal — which rocked America for an entire decade — came about after an oil tycoon gave some cattle, and a loan, to the secretary of the Interior and was soon thereafter granted drilling rights on a Wyoming oil field. As you’ll see below, scandals of at least this magnitude have become an almost every-day occurrence.

Another way to look at it: If any of the below-listed stories were to have occurred when George Bush were president, would the major media treat them as scandalous?

Some of the scandals published in the list include far lesser known matters, such as an Amtrak Inspector General being fired by Obama after uncovering fraud, trying to bribe Israel during his election, and issuing an executive order to give himself power to regulate anything to do with water.

This particular list does expand the scandal count quite a bit by including gaffes as an example of a ‘scandal.’ It might seem ridiculous on the surface, but any Republican making the same gaffes would have been spotlighted by the media relentlessly as if they were incompetent.

Dan Quayle and ‘potatoe-gate’ comes to mind.

Of course, we’ve compiled our own list in the past of times President Obama violated the Constitution, something that should be a scandal in America.

The point remains, the Obama administration by any measure, has been far from scandal free. They are the very definition of scandalous.

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