Knowing full well that there was no chance of fulfilling his campaign promise to shut down the prison at Guantanamo Bay, President Obama has been releasing as many terrorists as possible in a flurry of activity.

And he has done so right up until his last moments in office.

That pattern held even into Thursday evening, mere hours before Donald Trump was set to be sworn into office.

Obama released another four Gitmo detainees, for a grand total of 201 throughout his two terms in office.

Via the Free Beacon:

The Department of Defense announced Thursday that four more prisoners held at the military detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba are being transferred out, leaving the prison’s population at 41 as President Obama leaves office.

One inmate is being transferred to Saudi Arabia, while the other three are going to the United Arab Emirates, CNN reported. This is likely to be Obama’s last transfer of inmates from Guantanamo before President-elect Donald Trump is sworn into office at noon on Friday. Trump has pledged to keep the military prison open and “load it up with some bad dudes.”

When Obama entered the White House in January 2009, 242 inmates were being held at Guantanamo. Closing the facility was one of Obama’s key pledges during his presidential campaign in 2008. However, the White House admitted this week that the prison would remain open after Obama leaves office.

In a letter penned on his last day in office, Obama chastised Congress and implored them to shut down the prison.

“There is simply no justification beyond politics for the Congress’ insistence on keeping the facility open, ” he wrote.

Well, if you ignore the fact that all of the detainees were captured on the battlefield. Oh, and that pesky recidivism rate where a significant percentage of these terrorists return to the battlefield. Legislators have suggested that rate lies at about 30%. Meaning, of the 201 terrorists released, around 60 have likely returned to the terrorism game, battling and even killing American military members.

“There should be no further releases from Gitmo,” Trump has previously stated. “These are extremely dangerous people and should not be allowed back onto the battlefield.”

How fitting that the man who allowed the spread of ISIS, who watched as attacks on American soil escalated in San Bernardino, Orlando, Boston, etc., would make America even less safe by releasing terrorists back to the Middle East.


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