Obama Gushes Over Michelle’s New White House Portrait: ‘She Is Fine’

Barack Obama could hardly contain himself upon seeing the official White House portrait of the former First Lady, Michelle Obama, praising the artist for a "stunning" portrait that captures the "fact that she is fine."
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Barack Obama could hardly contain himself upon seeing the official White House portrait of the former First Lady, Michelle Obama.

The 44th President praising the artist for a “stunning” portrait that captures the “fact that she is fine.”

The Obamas were at the White House Wednesday for the unveiling of their official portraits which, admittedly, were far better than the ones produced in 2018.

The former President, in a speech during the ceremony, said the portraits “have a special significance, because … they will hang in the White House alongside portraits of other Presidents and First Ladies dating back to George and Martha.”

He then pivoted to Michelle Obama’s painting specifically.

“I want to thank Sharon Sprung (the artist) for capturing everything I love about Michelle — her grace, her intelligence, and the fact that she is fine,” he said.

After being interrupted by laughter and applause Obama added, “I’m just saying. She is. Her portrait is stunning.”

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Michelle Obama Thanks Barack For His ‘Spicy Remarks’ About Her Portrait

Michelle Obama also spoke at the unveiling of the former First Couple’s official White House portraits.

“I’m thrilled that this extraordinary work is going to be enshrined forever as part of our nation’s history,” she beamed with pride.

She also took the time to thank Barack for his “spicy remarks” about her portrait.

If by ‘spicy,’ she meant nauseating, painful, and indigestion-inducing then yes, they were spicy remarks.

Mrs. Obama noted the racial aspects of her historic role culminating in these latest portraits.

“A girl like me, she was never supposed to be up there next to Jacqueline Kennedy and Dolley Madison,” she said. “She was never supposed to live in this house, and she definitely wasn’t supposed to serve as First Lady.”

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Michelle Felt Awkward Being There

Michelle Obama conveyed much admiration and awe for the moment being bestowed upon her and her husband, Barack.

“What we’re looking at today — a portrait of a biracial kid with an unusual name and the daughter of a water pump operator and a stay-at-home mom — what we are seeing is a reminder that there’s a place for everyone in this country,” she gushed.

Still, she noted, being in the White House to this day makes her feel “odd” and “awkward.”

Perhaps that is because Mrs. Obama claimed repeatedly that she was the victim of “exhausting” racism from “white folks” during her tenure as First Lady.

In a Spotify podcast two years ago, she presented such examples of racism, which included being cut in front of the line at an ice cream shop, and people petting her dogs instead of looking at her when she walked them in a “completely incognito” getup.

“People will come up and pet my dogs but will not look me in the eye. They don’t know it’s me,” she explained.

“And it’s … what white folks don’t understand, it’s like, that, that is so telling of how white America views people who are not like them,” complained Mrs. Obama.

“You know, we don’t exist. And when we do exist we exist as a threat.”

Speaking at a Women’s Foundation of Colorado event in 2020, the former First Lady said the hardest part of her husband’s eight years as president was enduring all the racism.

Mrs. Obama lamented that after “working really hard for this country,” there were still people “who won’t see me for what I am because of my skin color.”

As for Barack, the aforementioned line regarding Michelle Obama’s portrait wasn’t the only lie he told.

In fact, he told a whopper of a lie in speaking directly to his ‘friend,’ President Biden.

“Thanks to your decency and thanks to your strength — maybe most of all thanks to your faith in our democracy and the American people — the country is better off than when you took office, and we should all be deeply grateful for that,” Obama declared.

“Joe, it is now America’s good fortune to have you as President,” Obama said.

By absolutely no discernible measure is that statement true.

Is it America’s good fortune to pay exorbitant prices at the gas pump or grocery store? To struggle to make it from paycheck to paycheck?

Is it our good fortune for mothers to struggle to find baby formula and for shelves to consistently be devoid of necessities?

Is it an American’s good fortune to watch millions of illegal immigrants flooding the border, some on terror watchlists?

All of the White House presidential portraits can be viewed here.

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