White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders mocked former President Obama after he tried taking credit for the current booming economy, saying his comments were “laughable.”

Yes, the man who blamed George W. Bush for economic woes during his eight years in office is now trying to take credit for an uptick in the economy after being out of office for nearly a year.

“As we took these actions, we saw the US economy grow consistently,” Obama claimed. “We saw the longest streak of job creation in American history by far. A streak that still continues, by the way.”

“Thanks, Obama,” he added.

Essentially, nothing bad that happened during his administration was his fault, while everything good that happens when he’s not in office is due to him. This man has an insanely loose grip on reality.

Sanders, fortunately, was right there to smack him back to reality, taking to social media to mock Obama’s delusional claims.

Sanders reminded certain groups of people that Obama had claimed to be a champion of, that they’re already doing so much better in the Trump economy than they did in the previous eight years.

Yikes, that’s sure to leave a mark.

Sanders wasn’t content in blasting Obama on Twitter. She appeared on Fox News to say “I think it’s laughable that President Obama thinks he has anything to do with the success of where the economy is right now.”

She then explained that job creation and economic growth are taking off under Trump because of Trump and nobody else.

“There’s a reason that it continues to go up, and it started when President Trump was elected and when he got into office,” Sanders said. “It had nothing to do with President Obama, and I think everybody knows it, including President Obama. And I think it’s pretty laughable that he’s trying to take credit for it.”

To be fair, ‘laughable’ is probably the most descriptive word for Obama’s entire tenure in office.

Meanwhile, it took a determined President Trump to reverse job-killing regulations and unleash the economy, something unseen the previous eight years.

Thanks, Trump!

Who is more responsible for the booming economy – Trump or Obama? Tell us what you think below!

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