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Obama White House Christmas Decorations – People Noticed Something STRANGE Hanging in the Background


The annual reveal of the President and First Lady’s choice for the  White House Christmas decorations is always widely anticipated by the public.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton suffered a devastating defeat to President Donald J. Trump. But as a consolation prize, President Barack Obama gave her a very visible spot among the White House Christmas decorations.

While the rest of America celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the 2016 White House will honor the long and corrupt political career of Hillary Clinton.

As The Hill reported:

An official portrait of the former first lady and Democrat presidential nominee is hanging in the Cross Hall of the White House, displayed alongside an array of bells, baubles and other holiday décor.

ITK spotted the portrait, one of several paintings of presidents and first ladies adorning the walls at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., when the White House opened its doors Tuesday for a sneak peek of its annual Christmas decorations. The 2003 painting by Simmie Knox shows a smiling Clinton sporting one of her signature pantsuits, standing by a table with her book, “It Takes a Village,” by her side.

Hanging in the background is the ghost of Democrat presidential campaigns past! LOL:

People on Twitter instantly mocked it:

In addition to a picture of Hillary Clinton, there are 56 gingerbread houses in the White House to represent each state and territory of the United States.

Also, a tree with a gold star will represent and honor military service members and their families.

What do you think of the Obama’s choice to feature Hillary Clinton among the White House Christmas decorations? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.