Obama Apologized – But This Is What REAGAN Did When Iran Attacked Our Navy


A little history lesson for President Obama, courtesy of the great Ronald Reagan.

First, this is how our current President reacts to Iranian provocation against our Navy:


And this is how President Reagan responded to Iranian provocation against our Navy:


Via The Resurgent:

“They must know that we will protect our ships, and if they threaten us, they will pay a price.”

With those words, President Ronald Reagan justified his approval of Operation Praying Mantis, a day-long engagement in which U.S. Navy and Marine forces delivered a powerful response to the Iranian assault of the USS Samuel B. Roberts. A hidden Iranian mine had struck the frigate in the open waters of the Persian Gulf on April 14, 1988. No sailors died, but several were injured and the ship was severely damaged.

Operation Praying Mantis remains the largest surface battle engaged in by the U.S. Navy since World War II, and its outcome was decisive. According to official reports released afterward, using a combination of anti-ship missiles, naval gunfire, and aircraft launched from several ships, including the aircraft carrier the USS Enterprise, the Navy destroyed two oil platforms used by Iran for intelligence collection, sank 4 small Iranian Navy boats, sank an Iranian frigate, and severely damaged another Iranian warship.

But that was all on April 18, 1988. Back when the United States believed in delivering swift, decisive responses to enemy provocations.

Here is an excerpt from the April 19th, 1988 Chicago Tribune:

Reagan warned Iran later Monday not to continue to threaten U.S. interests in the region.

“We undertook this action to make sure the Iranians have no illusions about the cost of irresponsible behavior,” the President said.

The U.S. attacks began with the shelling of the oil platforms Sirri and Sassan, in southern gulf waters, about midnight Chicago time and continued for nearly eight hours, according to administration officials. They said the two platforms were manned by Iranian Revolutionary Guards and were used as radar- equipped military command and control centers.

“At the time of the engagement, an Iranian missile boat approached our ships with obvious hostile intent,” (Defense Secretary Frank) Carlucci said. “It was warned off, neglected the warnings, . . . (was) engaged by U.S. ships and has been sunk.”

Here’s a short video recap of President Reagan’s Republican mantra of “peace through strength.”

Comment: What do you think Ronald Reagan would have done if Iran released a video of our sailors on their knees with hands behind their heads? Give your thoughts below.

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