Obama Aide Put Dossier Author in Touch With FBI

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Yahoo News reporter Michael Isikoff and Mother Jones magazine’s David Corn are out with a new book on the Trump/Russia saga titled “Russian Roulette.”

Isikoff and Corn are two journalists who personally met with former MI6 spy Christopher Steele while he was trying to sell his debunked Trump dossier to interested parties. Steele leaked information to both of them, as was evident in articles the duo published prior to the public even knowing about Steele’s dossier. As we learned from the Nunes memo, one article that Isikoff published cited information from Steele, and was used by the FBI when they applied for a FISA warrant to spy on Trump associate Carter Page. The FBI used Isikoff’s article as additional corroboration of Steele’s dossier. The FBI likely didn’t realize that in relying on Isikoff to corroborate Steele’s work, they were citing Steele to prove what Steele said was true.

Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson said during Senate testimony that Steele disassociated from the FBI because he was angry that Comey re-opened the Bureau’s investigation into Hillary Clinton over her private email server close to Election Day. We later learned that wasn’t true -that the FBI had ceased working with Steele because he committed a cardinal sin – leaking to the media.

If the story we’re told about Steele’s departure from the F.B.I. was incorrect, what about the story about how he came in contact with the FBI? The official story was that Steele approached the FBI, but Corn and Isikoff’s new book contradicts that.

According to the Washington Times,

A senior Barack Obama State Department official, Victoria Nuland, gave the green light to an FBI agent in 2016 to meet with dossier writer Christopher Steele, a meeting that touched off a relationship that would fuel the ongoing investigation into possible Donald Trump-Russia election collusion.

Two committees, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the SenateJudiciary Committee, are investigating how Obama officials promoted Mr. Steele’s 35-page dossier. It makes a serious of criminal charges against President Trump and his associates, contending there was an “extensive conspiracy” between them and the Kremlin. This supposed collusion has not been substantiated publicly. House Intelligence committee republicans on Monday said their 14-month investigation found no collusion.

“Russian Roulette” shows Obama people played a deeper role in promoting the dossier to get it into the hands of law enforcement.

Ms. Nuland’s name surfaced earlier this year as Senate investigators under SenateJudiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley, Iowa Republican, turned up evidence that Mr. Steele met with another Obama State official, Jonathan Winer.

He worked as a middleman to bring Mr. Steele together with Sidney Blumenthal, a fierce Hillary Clinton defender. Mr. Winer spoke with Ms. Nuland, who gave a heads up to Secretary of State John Kerry.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we found out that even Obama himself had knowledge of what was unfolding against the Trump campaign in 2016 – but time will tell.

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