A former New York Times reporter told Laura Ingraham on her show earlier in the week that the policies of New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo hurt the state at a vital period in the fight against the virus. As at times more than half the national number of infections and deaths have come from two states, New York and New Jersey, Cuomo’s actions likely impacted the national scene as well and made the effort in combating the coronavirus worse across the country. But now, of course, as Cuomo realizes his mistake, he is trying to blame President Donald Trump.

Alex Berenson told Ingraham, “They might have actually worsened things at the worst possible time in New York City, for example, by driving people back into small apartments and by driving people to emergency rooms. So, you know, this idea that lockdowns have saved tens or hundreds of thousands of people, frankly, there’s essentially no evidence of that.”

New York state has reported more than 354,000 virus infections and almost 23,000 deaths as of last Tuesday evening. More than 194,500 cases and 14,800 deaths have occurred in New York City alone. This far surpasses every other state in the nation.

After those numbers were released Cuomo ignored calls for the Department of Justice to launch an investigation into deaths in New York’s nursing homes during the pandemic. Cuomo, trying to shift the blame, claimed he was only following guidelines from the Trump administration. But a review of those Trump virus team regulations, and those of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), shows there is no edict mandating COVID patients be housed in nursing homes filled with senior citizens for the duration of the public health crisis.

Cuomo likely did it to save the state the cost of other housing options. But by putting all those patients together in often substandard facilities, he signed their death warrants; he also condemned to disease, if not death, those nursing home residents housed with them. There are some who speculate he intentionally did this to bring down state Medicare costs and other expenses associated with the elderly, to cull people with underlying medical conditions, and to indirectly terminate patients with end-of-life medical conditions.

“All the places that have seen the most deaths, the deaths are very, very heavily skewed to older people, especially people over 80,” said Berenson, “…there’s been an effort made to try to scare people who are relatively low-risk here. And I guess that is to try to keep political support for the lockdowns. The problem is this comes at a huge cost in that states are not protecting the people that need to be protected. In fact, you see in Florida, where they’ve actually made a real effort to protect nursing homes in ways they [New York] didn’t, in some of the more heavily locked up states, there’s been far fewer deaths, even though there are many, many elderly people in Florida.”

Cuomo now effectively has the blood of thousands of the elderly on his hands. On the day before Memorial Day, as no doubt many of those elderly were war veterans, it is ironic that they survived the crucible of combat only to fall at the incompetent (or worse) hands of the Democrat governor of their own state.

This piece was written by PoliZette Staff on May 24, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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