No, Tucker Carlson Did Not Promote ‘Q-Anon,’ Whatever That Even Is

The Left Giddy Thinking They Caught Tucker Carlson In A 'Q-Anon' Moment, Not So Fast...
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Some on the left appear to be beside themselves today, creating their own conspiracy theory while accusing Fox News’ Tucker Carlson of promoting conspiracy theories. 

At least one writer is quite sure they caught Fox News host Tucker Carlson making a reference to the mysterious “Q-Anon” conspiracy theory during his monologue on Monday night’s show.

The reason for applying the “q” scarlet letter on Tucker appears to be a single line in a monologue about abortion, an issue that Carlson argues is more or less the prime directive of the left’s civil religion.

But first, Tucker broke down the Democrats’ election strategy:

“They’re going to take your abortions away. That was the Democratic message for the midterm elections, coming up in just a few days. But there was a problem with the messaging. So, Covid had just ended and people – not being entirely stupid – still remembered this very same Democratic party, the same people, had forced the entire population to wear paper masks like children, and then to take the shot as a condition of going outside.”

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You Said Q-Anon!

After Carlson theorized that Democrats might be using what they seem to have a never ending supply of – faux outrage – over Roe v. Wade being kicked back to the states, he continued, saying that Democrats realized different messaging for abortion would have to be concocted.

Their answer to that messaging dilemma? Just pretend that COVID never happened, keep going with “my body my choice,” and hope that no one would notice. 

So what about the “Q-Anon” gotcha moment? It appears to be contained in this section from Tucker’s monologue, highlighted below:

“It’s all quite amusing, and the good news is, that for once, lines this preposterous, are not working. “Abortion politics is a total fixation of Democratic donors. It’s the main thing they care about. Why is that, by the way? It’s a religion. It’s a child sacrifice cult. But not everyone else feels that way, even Democrats.”

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What The Hell Is Q-Anon?!

Conservatives usually pride themselves on being a pretty well-informed bunch. So just one question, what the hell is Q-Anon?! Democrats and the media talk so much about it, it seems as though they know the most about it, certainly more than many Republicans and conservatives. 

At least the ones I talk to. Most other people I talk to seem to be clueless about whatever “Q-Anon” is as well.

So what does Q-Anon, whatever it is, have to do with abortion? As usual, in their zeal to “catch” conservatives somehow revealing what their true plan is, Tucker Carlson’s reference to child sacrifice is made to appear as part of a conspiracy.

But here’s the thing: that’s what the pro-life position is. Pro-lifers believe babies in the womb are alive and have human rights. Thus, if you abort them, you are sacrificing the child. 

It’s not rocket science. It’s an age-old position, whether you agree with it or not. It’s not part of a brand new conspiracy – pro-lifers have been saying this for decades and decades. 

And while we’re at it, let’s look at what Tucker meant about abortion and the election.

A recent Harvard CAPS/Harris poll broke it down among Republicans and Democrats, and it proves Carlson’s point to a tee. Abortion on demand, anytime, anywhere, 24/7, is all Democrats care about. Just one problem, most Americans do not agree with that.

The top three issues for Republicans are immigration, price increases/inflation, and the economy and jobs. For Democrats, Jan. 6, abortion, and the environment/climate change. 

For all the denigrating of Christians and other religious people that Democrats do, they very clearly have their own religion. The two denominations of that religion are abortion and climate change. 

What Democrats had pinned all their hopes on for November is not working.

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