Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley spoke out on Monday to slam critical race theory as she called on “every governor in the United States” to “ban” funding for the racially charged academic movement in schools.

Haley Blasts Critical Race Theory

“Think about a 5-year-old that starts kindergarten and they don’t know anything about color. If she’s white, you’re telling her she’s bad. If she’s brown or black, you’re telling her she will never be enough and she’s always a victim. That’s harmful for the well-being of our children,” Haley told Fox News.

Not stopping there, Haley argued that teaching critical race theory will have “long-lasting effects” on American children. She also said that it does not need to be taught to children in kindergarten as it is on the collegiate level.

Haley doubled down by recalling her own experience “teased” as a kid for being Indian before talking about how her mother responded to the situation.

“I remember getting teased when I was younger in rural South Carolina and my mom would say, your job is to show them how you’re similar and not how you’re different,” Haley said.

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Haley Says CRT Will Hold Young People Back 

Haley had slammed critical race theory on Twitter last week, writing, “Critical race theory is going to hold back generations of young people. My parents always taught us to focus on what brings us together not sets us apart. America should be united around shared values, not divided by different shades of color.”

On Monday, Haley called on governors all over the country to ban funding for critical race theory in schools so that it can be stopped once and for all.

“Every governor in the country needs to ban funding for critical race theory. Governors can decide this. They decide what money they take from the Department of Education. Don’t take this money,” she said.

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“They don’t need to be told what label they are when they walk in the school,” Haley concluded. “We need to treat kids as the opportunities they’re going to be to fix America, not break them before they start.”

This piece was written by James Samson on July 12, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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