Newt Gingrich Declares Nancy Pelosi To Be ‘Greatest Threat To Constitutional Liberty In Our Lifetime’

Gingrich Pelosi

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich boldly declared that current Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is the “greatest threat to constitutional liberty in our lifetime.”

Gingrich Rips Into Pelosi

“With the passive support of an apparently cowardly caucus, she is behaving as a dictator more like Fidel Castro, Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, or Nicolás Maduro,” Gingrich wrote in an oped for Fox News on Monday. “Pelosi ordered and kept the fencing around the U.S. Capitol for months – even when members of her own party were calling for it to come down.”

“She stripped a duly elected Republican of all her committee assignments,” he continued. “In recent weeks, she has dictated to the minority party what members it can have on a bipartisan commission.”

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“Now, she is threatening to have members of Congress and their staffs arrested if they do not follow the mask mandate which exists by her own decree,” Gingrich continued.

He later added, “If her power, arrogance, and destructiveness is allowed to continue growing, she will shatter the precedents of the U.S. House, undermine hundreds of years of common legislative precedent going back to the Magna Carta of 1215, and the destroy the established principle that those who write laws are still subordinate to them.”

Gingrich Doubles Down On Pelosi

Gingrich went on to reveal the one way that he thinks Pelosi can be stopped.

“The key path to stopping Pelosi runs through Democrat districts that are not rabidly radical. There are probably 100 Democrats who represent districts wherein prostituting themselves for a Pelosi dictatorship would be politically expensive – if people back home understood what was happening and why it mattered,” he stated.

“I am enraged at this raw use of power to destroy the precedents and patterns which have made the U.S. House of Representatives a remarkable bulwark of freedom and a symbol for people around the world,” Gingrich continued. 

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Gingrich also trashed the Republican lawmakers who have teamed up with Pelosi.

“The Republicans who are collaborating with Pelosi should be ashamed of themselves,” he said. “She is using them to sustain her dictatorship, and they are making it harder for House Republicans to effectively oppose her.”

Gingrich went on to add, “Every House Democrat should be put to this test: ‘Do you really support the ruthless dictatorial behavior of Pelosi? Do you realize she can apply it to you as well as to Republicans? Are you really willing to watch the centuries old traditions of free self-government be destroyed by an 81-year-old petty dictator who clearly has allowed power to go to her head?'”

Gingrich Concludes His Rant

“A lot of people talk about cognition and President Joe Biden. Every day, Speaker Pelosi gives us reason to believe she is far more dangerous, destructive, and egocentric than President Biden could ever be,” Gingrich argued.

“At some point, every member of the U.S. House should consider when it will be time for members to depose her by vote – or strip her of some of her power as House members did to Speaker Joseph Gurney Cannon in 1910,” he stated. “This could serve as a congressional equivalent to the 25th Amendment.”

“There should be a concerted national campaign looking for ten courageous Democrats willing to stand up to the Pelosi dictatorship and defend freedom in America,” he concluded.

This piece was written by James Samson on August 2, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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