A judge has ordered the release of a multitude of documents in a lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell, including the infamous Epstein flight logs.

Huge Release Of Documents Inbound!

Maxwell was arrested at her New Hampshire address at the start of the month by federal agents. She is currently being held in prison, charged with multiple sex trafficking and sexual assault offenses, along with two counts of perjury. It is alleged that not only did she provide underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein to assault and rape, but that she participated in the abuse herself.

Loretta Preska, a US District Judge in Manhattan, ruled that the vast majority of more than 80 documents from a 2015 lawsuit against Maxwell by Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre should be released. Her team argued that the documents contained “extremely personal” material that could be “embarrassing or annoying” if they were unsealed.

However, Preska said that the right of the public to know what was in the documents completely outweighed Maxwell’s demands to keep them closed.

The documents included testimony from Maxwell from 2016, police reports from Florida, and, most importantly, flight logs from Epstein’s jet, the Lolita Express, of which Bill Clinton was a famous guest.

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Let’s Hope She Co-Operates

Maxwell was denied bail earlier this month, after Judge Alison Nathan deemed her to be a “substantial flight risk.”

“There will be no trial for the victims if the defendant is afforded the opportunity to flee the jurisdiction, and there is every reason to think that is exactly what she will do if she is released,” prosecutors argued in a court filing.

Really, the risk now isn’t that Maxwell will flee, but that she will suffer the same fate as Epstein, who “committed suicide” in his own prison cell. The release of the flight logs of the Lolita Express may cause some people to act irrationally – perhaps now she is most at risk.