New Mexico Suspects Were Planning Terror Attack on Hospital, Law Enforcement

New Mexico compound planned attack

Earlier in the month, two men and three women were arrested for child abuse in New Mexico after they were found living on a compound with 11 starving children in “third world” conditions. Remains of a child were also found buried near it. The compound itself was made of garbage. The men, Siraj Wahhaj, 40; Lucas Morton, 40; Jany Leveille, 35; Hujrah Wahhaj, 38; and Subhanah Wahhaj, 35, were all arrested for child abuse.

Authorities recovered guns and ammunition from the compound, which served as an Islamist training ground for the youth in their possession. Initially, reports of starving children were what prompted authorities to intervene and raid the camp. Prosecutors say that the camp served to teach kids to commit school shootings in the name of Islam.

Insanely, despite the allegations, a New Mexico judge released the suspects pending trial, with only $20,000 bond, and the conditions that they wear an ankle bracelet and don’t drink alcohol (which is a tad redundant). Why? Because of concerns that “Islamophobia” could be tainting the reality of the situation. That should’ve been irrelevant, given hat a child died in their possession. No one else would’ve gotten the same leeway.

No one that poses a threat to their community should ever be granted bail – especially one that poses a risk of committing an act of terrorism, as we know the defendants did from court documents.

As The Blaze reported, “court documents show the suspects sought to target Grady Memorial Hospital in downtown Atlanta, in addition to law enforcement and “specific targets such as teachers, schools, banks and other ‘corrupt’ institutions. Prosecutors revealed the stunning information in a 13-page document filed in court on Friday. They are asking a judge to reconsider granting the five suspects bail, citing the planned attacks and the tragic death of 3-year-old Abdul-Ghani Wahha. Police have criminally charged the boy’s father, Siraj Wahha, and his partner, Jany Leveille, for his death.”

The criminal charges for the child’s death came after being granted bail, which shows just how quickly the judge acted before knowing all the facts.

In support of the prosecution’s argument, they pointed to a 10-page handwritten document found in the compound titled “Phases of a Terrorist Attack.” The document contained instructions on where and how such attacks should be carried out. The document also contains “jokes” about dying in Jihad, and instructions on targeting members of law enforcement.

In a separate journal, suspect Jany Leveille “expressed her displeasure with Grady Hospital … due to the treatment she and her mother received there,” leading prosecutors to argue that hospital would be the location of a potential attack.

And these are the same people walking free right now. They’re monitored by ankle bracelets – but that isn’t exactly comforting. If they’re going to go out in a jihadist attack, something tells me that bracelet will be the least of their concerns.

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