Never Give The Mob An Inch: Nothing You Do Will Ever Be Enough, So Stop Trying To Appease Them

war on statues

Frankly, most Americans – of all political stripes – don’t really care if we move statues of Confederates to battlefields and cemeteries. If the war on statues was really just about removing monuments to men only known for rebelling against the United States of America – then I think we could have built a pretty large national consensus in short order and the statues could be lawfully moved.

The Left Isn’t Looking For National Consensus

The truth is, however, that the left isn’t looking for a national consensus, which is why – moving forward – we shouldn’t agree to give the mob even an inch. Nothing we do will ever be enough, so it is time we stop appeasing them.

Demands to remove Confederate statues soon became demands to remove statues of Christopher Columbus. Those demands morphed into demands to take down statues of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Mount Rushmore.

Incredibly, even statues of Abraham Lincoln are now under attack.

The demands to topple statues of Jefferson and Washington come just three short years after the main stream media lampooned President Trump for suggesting that the statue warriors would eventually go after our Founding Fathers. The main stream media assured us that “statues of Washington and Jefferson aren’t next.”

In 2016, Senator Bernie Sanders praised Mount Rushmore, saying it made him, “proud to be an American.”

Just four years later, Mount Rushmore is called a monument to racists, built on ‘stolen land’ and sculpted by a racist.

The great abolitionist Frederick Douglass spoke at the dedication of the Emancipation Statue of Lincoln in Washington, DC. The statue was paid for by freed slaves. Yet somehow, according to 2020’s woke terrorists, the statue is now problematic and must be removed.

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Attacks On Statues Aren’t Made In Good Faith

What changed? Absolutely nothing changed. The attacks on the statues aren’t made in good faith. They are all about leftists flexing their social, cultural, and political muscle. None of this is about white supremacy.

Of course, the insanity hasn’t stopped with statues. Aunt Jemima was removed from bottles of breakfast syrup and Eskimo Pies have disappeared from ice cream bars.

Just this week, Dan Snyder – the owner of the Washington Redskins – announced that the team would be “retiring” the Redskins name, despite the fact that polling showed Native Americans felt more pride than outrage at the football team’s name.

Indeed, a poll from 2016, showed that a whopping 90% of Native Americans were not offended by the team name. Nevertheless, after pressure from activists and corporate sponsors, the Washington football club is now in name limbo.

The Cleveland Indians baseball team, the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team and even the mascot of the University of North Carolina are now under siege.

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Don’t Give Them An Inch

The insanity has to stop and it is incumbent on conservatives and our elected officials to stop it. The way to do it is simple, do not give them even an inch.

So going forward, we shouldn’t listen to any arguments about moving, tearing down, or renaming anything at all.

The left isn’t interested in engaging in a thoughtful debate about how to remember and celebrate our nation’s history. If they aren’t interested in that kind of debate, why should we be?

Christopher Barron

is President of Right Turn Strategies. He is a contributor to The Hill, and a regular on the Kennedy... More about Christopher Barron