Netflix Approval Rating Drops Among Republicans

netflix approval rating

If liberals want a world where everyone decides what business they’ll frequent based off of political beliefs, they’ve got it.

Republican approval of the streaming giant Netflix has plummeted in recent months due to a number of questionable decisions by the online broadcast company.

First, in March, Netflix hired former National Security Advisor Susan Rice as a member of the its Board of Directors. (RELATED: Netflix Hires Former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice – Conservatives React). This was an odd move, given Rice’s lack of expertise in the business of making streaming shows. But, since Rice is a known fabricator, infamously blaming the Benghazi terrorist episode on a fictional YouTube video, perhaps her knack for telling tall tales could filter down to Netflix’s content creators.

It got worse. Netflix actually hired former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama to help write and produce documentaries for the service. Upon this announcement, conservatives immediately launched a boycott. (RELATED: Netflix Signs Michelle and Barack Obama to Multi-Year Deal).

Netflix’s numbers continue to trend downward. Variety reports:

Thousands of right-wingers have taken to social media to express their unhappiness with Netflix’s left turns. They’ve condemned Netflix, announced they have dropped the streaming service, and urged like-minded folks to also cancel.

How much has Netflix alienated the right? New data from YouGov, a brand-perception research firm, indicates that Netflix’s positive-impression rating among Republicans in the U.S. has drifted down 16% from the beginning of 2018 through May 31, according to data from YouGov’s BrandIndex. At the same time, Netflix’s approval rating with Democrats has risen 15% over the same time period (see chart, below).

You can’t expect to hire controversial political officials and not see some kind of reaction from the other side. We’re a very politically divided nation. We all know it. Netflix knew what it was doing when it hired Rice and the Obamas. They knew the decision would be big news. And they chose to take the path anyway, regardless of what its conservative customers thought.

And now they’re paying the price.

What do you think of Netflix’s decision to make the network into the Obama White House 2.0? Tell us your thoughts below!

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