During her weekly press conference, Nancy Pelosi announced a plan for congressional Democrats to target President Trump’s tax returns.

Pelosi promises action on Trump tax returns

Democrats are set to take power in January, taking over the House of Representatives and, essentially, grinding all congressional work to a halt. There are rumors floating around Capitol Hill that Democrats will immediately push for impeaching the President with what little power they hold in the House. (RELATED: Nadler Floats Impeachment, Says New Mueller Revelations Could Justify Removing Trump.)

Pelosi is feeling empowered and she let her confidence show by announcing the Democrats’ first target upon taking power: Trump’s tax returns. Here’s what she said:

Yes, there is popular demand for the Congress to request the president’s tax returns. [Ways and Means] will have their path as we go forward. I’m sure the White House will resist, and so the question is, where do we go from there?

Here is the video:

Nancy’s gambit

Pelosi is taking a big risk here, dedicating congressional resources to obtaining Trump’s tax returns. She’s assuming she’ll find something. Last we checked, the last publicly available copy of Trump’s returns showed absolutely no wrongdoing. (RELATED: Rachel Maddow’s Ratings Tank After Trump Taxes Flub.)

Pelosi is right in assuming the tax returns will be tough to obtain. The IRS currently has them locked in a vault. (RELATED: IRS Creates New Vault to Hold President Trump’s Tax Returns.) The White House is going to fight tooth and nail to keep them in the dark as well. At best, we can expect a long, drawn-out court fight over the release of the documents.

Other legal threats to Trump

Pelosi’s promise to seek Trump’s tax returns isn’t the only legal conundrum Trump will face in the near future. Yesterday, the New York attorney general announced her office will be looking into the finances of the Trump Organization. (RELATED: Incoming New York Attorney General Letitia James Pledges to Go After Trump.) Additionally, the National Enquirer is now in legal hot water over covering up salacious news about the President. (RELATED: National Enquirer Parent Company Settled With Feds Over Payment To Alleged Trump Mistress.)

Is It Time For Nancy Pelosi To Retire?

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Trump is facing a lot of pending legal danger. Let’s hope his White House legal team is up to the task of defending him from all sides.