‘My Pillow’ CEO Mike Lindell Perfectly Trolls Kamala Harris’ Reaction To Biden’s State Of The Union Address

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“My Pillow” inventor and CEO Mike Lindell has made it his hobby to annoy the left with his strong and unwavering support for former President Donald Trump.

And during Tuesday night’s State of the Union speech, VP Kamala Harris was not spared from Lindell poking a little fun.

Viewers had fun with the reactions of Harris – and Nancy Pelosi – during Biden’s speech. 

But it was Harris’ reaction to Biden referring to Ukrainians as “Iranians” that got the treatment from Lindell:


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Comedy Moments At The State Of The Union

In his half century in the swamp, Joe Biden has been the gaffe machine that keeps on giving. And becoming President has not changed that one bit.

Among some of the standout moments on Tuesday night’s speech was when he called the Ukrainian people “Iranians.” The camera caught the Vice President mouthing a correction.

Perhaps we should not give the Vice President her complimentary “My Pillow” just yet. The reason why might not immediately present itself, but we might need her to be at least awake for the moment.

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More Troll Fodder

Harris may need the comfy pillow after having to listen to Biden, and to recuperate from the sheer exertion of an interview earlier in the week.

During an interview on “The Morning Hustle,” Harris was asked by the host to break down exactly what is going on in Ukraine for those who might be a bit confused by the situation.

Asked to explain what was happening “in layman’s terms,” Harris gave us this gem:

“Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine, so basically that’s wrong.” 

Why The Left Hates Mike Lindell

A guy like Mike Lindell makes lefty’s heads explode. Not because they hate his products, mind you, everyone loves a comfy pillow. And not because they think his commercials are corny or annoying. 

They hate him solely because of his support for Donald Trump.

On the surface, liberals should love Lindell – who overcame a serious crack addiction build a a company with 1,500 employees.

That’s a lot of jobs for working Americans. But, that Trump thing…

At any rate, Joe Biden has three more State of the Union speeches to go. No doubt Mike Lindell will have plenty of trolling material.

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