MTG Smokes the Democrats’ Election-Denying New Leader

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By Dr. Derek Ellerman

MAGA Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, one of the firebrand younger conservatives who make up the unofficial America First faction in the GOP, went to town on the Democrats’ new election-denying leader, Hakeem Jeffries. 

Jeffries, who denies elections, was picked by his party to replace long-time party chief Nancy Pelosi after Democrats lost the House of Representatives in the 2022 midterms. 

Jeffries is an election-denier and unabashed conspiracy theorist who believes Russia installed Donald Trump as President. 

Thus, with such a background, Greene found it rather humorous that Jeffries, in an interview ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, decried her as “extreme.” 

Did I mention yet that Jeffries is an election denier? 

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Election Denier Jeffries Picked The Wrong Fight

Jeffries full quote on ABC, in the context of what the GOP would do about the upcoming Speaker election, was:

“The question on the other side of the aisle is what will Republicans do? Are they going to double and triple down on the extremism that we’ve seen from people like Marjorie Taylor Greene? That would be unfortunate, and if that happens, then there’s not going to be real meaningful opportunities to cooperate.”

As readers might have suspected, election-denying conspiracy theorists like Jeffries are liable to be far more extreme than mainline conservatives. (It’s right there in the name: conservative.)

However, not all conservatives are not equal. Greene, (MTG), doesn’t allow the opposition to control the narrative like many conservatives do. 

She fired back: 

And, she’s right. On top of the election denial and conspiracy theories, Jeffries does have extreme views. Plus he’s an election denier. 

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Jeffries’ Extreme Views

Jeffries holds a 100% rating with NARAL Pro-Choice America, as MTG alluded to in her response.

Additionally, he’s an election denier and conspiracy theorist

In addition to voting for the seemingly endless billions to the corrupt regime in Ukraine, Jeffries even went a step further, promoting a NATO-enforced no-fly-zone over Ukraine. 

In other words, direct combat with Russia and WWIII.

As far as MTG’s comments about the border, this author couldn’t find a single example of Jeffries recognizing the reality of the situation and offering any ideas to close the border. 

In fact, it appears much the opposite:

Eagle-eyed readers may notice that the tweet is from 2019 – when Donald Trump was President. Since Biden has become President, border crossings have increased dramatically. 

In 2018, Jeffries called President Trump’s request for a paltry $5 billion for a border wall “a ransom note.” 

$5 billion is too much for our border, but $60+ billion for Ukraine’s border isn’t enough? Indeed, that is extreme. 

Plus, lest anyone ever forget, Jeffries is an election denier and conspiracy theorist.

Great job, Democrats!

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