MSNBC’s Joy Reid Claims Parents Movement Is Fake, Blames ‘White Grievance And Rage’

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Claims Republicans Are Using ‘Hitler’ Tactics To Exploit ‘White Grievance and Rage’

On Friday, MSNBC host Joy Reid ran a segment in which she claimed that the recent trend of parents getting involved in education is phony astroturfing, all in the service of “white grievance and rage.”

Reid made her remarks on her show “The ReidOut.”

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Reid: ‘So hey Republicans wokeness is communism, but book banning isn’t?’

Reid started off the segment by comparing parents’ opposition to inappropriate book choices in schools was akin to Nazi book burnings.

Interestingly, and perhaps to the surprise of some viewers and the anger of others, Reid also pointed out Communist regimes who burned books – even that favorite of the left, Cuba.

Reid said, “Book burning and banning happened to be staples of fascism and communism. The Nazis did it, Hitler, imposing rigid censorship on newspapers and burning all literature he considered dangerous. The Soviets banned books, too, along with the Chinese Communist Party.”

“Cuba’s Communist regime has banned books, newspapers, radio channels, and heavily restricted access to the internet for its citizens,” Reid pointed out.

“So hey Republicans wokeness is communism, but book banning isn’t? Make it make sense,” Reid continued. “It is literally another case of everything old is new again because this exact tactic has hijacked present-day American politics.”

Reid went on, “Just like back in the eighties, the great parent revolt is bankrolled by conservative organizations and think tanks and shaped by political operatives, who are controlling the puppet strings so that you think this is just about regular moms and dads advocating for their kids.”

Get the picture? If you’re concerned about what the government is teaching your children, you’re merely a puppet of some shadowy conservative organization.

Reid added, “But strip off that veneer, and it’s about so much more. It’s about getting out the Republican vote by riling up white voters. But it’s also about distracting those voters, because distraction and sleight of hand is basically what modern Republican politics is all about.”

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Reid: ‘It’s about selling white grievance and rage’

“I mean, it sure ain’t about governing,” she insisted.

Then Reid suggested it was something more sinister.

“It’s about selling white grievance and rage,” she claimed. “The same rage that produces attacks on Asian-Americans and Jewish people and on our Capitol. Rather than fight inflation, let’s howl over Critical Race Theory, and instead of COVID relief, let’s demonize China and masks and vaccines.”

The segment is truly something to behold. Watch: 

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