MSNBC Guest Compares Concerns Over Inflation to Nazi Germany… Again

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MSNBC is a live television example of what has been wrong with our education system over the last few decades. Earlier this week, I wrote about Nicolle Wallace suggesting that we should have foreign governments assist with our elections, which is ridiculous and a terrible idea.

But if you really want to feel depressed about the state of our union, you should watch “The Reidout” with Joy Reid; it never fails to make me slap my head in amazement. A recent panel on the show showed just how tone-deaf the left wing of our country has become.

With the midterms shaping up to be an epic smackdown for Democrats, the mainstream media is scrambling to find ways to try to label those who would vote for a Republican as not just wrong, but pure evil.

Because if you are concerned about the cost of living and your future retirement, you are akin to 1930s Germans voting for the Nazi Party.

You Might Be A Nazi If…

Former GOP strategist and failed Democratic candidate for Texas Lieutenant Governor Matthew Dowd opined on “The Reidout”:

“I’m not going to say that the GOP are Nazis at this point or whatever, but it certainly sounds very familiar to what happened in Germany…”

How nice of Matthew to show some self-control and say he’s not going to call us Nazis…but we’re Nazis. He goes on to equate the rise of the Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler to voters who:

“…went along because he said he would solve the economy and fix inflation.”

This is a recurring theme for Mr. Dowd, who said last week on “Deadline: White House”:

“I’ll also remind people of a history lesson that in the 1930s Germany, there was a candidate and there was a party that said they were going to do something about inflation.”

Again, way to overtly compare us to Nazis without saying Nazi. It’s a shame that Democrats only seem to recall one moment in all of human history and not even recall it accurately.

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A History Lesson

My 6-year-old started History this year, and much to my dismay, she hates it; she finds it incredibly dull. I, however, have always loved History mainly because it is nuanced and complex. 

It is not inaccurate to state that the Nazi Party, with the help of Adolph Hitler’s rhetorical prowess, capitalized on hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic when vying for political power. However, it was not the only aspect that led to Hitler’s rise to dictatorship.

His use of gross political violence and the copious amounts of funding he received from wealthy businessmen were also critical to his ascent to power. But, last I checked, Republicans aren’t assassinating political opponents.

Republicans are also not the only ones bankrolled by wealthy special interest groups in this country. But Democrats have used the tactic of calling Republicans fascists and Nazis for decades because when you lack a real platform, that is what you must rely on.

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The Nazi alarm has been ringing since the 1960s by Democrats. An article titled ‘Dump Nixon! Stop the Fascist tide’ was published, and when President Ford opted not to take punitive action against President Nixon, the ACLU said:

“If President Ford’s principle had been the rule in Nuremberg the Nazi leaders would have been let off and only the people, who carried out their schemes would have been tried.”

In Esquire magazine, President Reagan’s supporters were called “good Germans” like in “Hitler’s Germany.” 

It’s Not That Bad

I’m not sure what is more offensive, being compared to Nazis or being told that I shouldn’t be so upset about inflation. I’ll be honest; I’m so used to Democrats calling me terrible names that in no way reflect who I am; I feel the latter is more offensive.

This year food prices overall have increased by 11%.

Since President Biden has taken office, the average American’s 401(k) has decreased by a staggering 25%. Think about that; the average American has lost a quarter of their saved retirement.

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What does that mean? Well, it means some of us will have to work longer, and some will have to rely on our children to care for us as we get older. Some of us will never retire.

But what are we complaining about here? If you ask Mr. Dowd, this is just a mild irritation:

“Obviously, the price of a hamburger, the price of milk, the price of gas is concerning, but that is a short-term problem.”

Get out of here with that noise; tell that to the millions of Americans struggling to put food on the table. Tell that to the millions of Americans planning to retire in the next few years who now must continue to work into their later years.

Let Them Eat Cake

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is so tired of talking about inflation. She recently said:

“Inflation’s an issue but it’s global.”

She goes on to bizarrely state, as if this makes inflation better:

“Inflation is there, but it’s global and not as bad as it is in some countries.”

When I go to the grocery store, and my grocery bill is double what it was two years ago, I take a moment and think to myself… at least inflation isn’t as bad here as it is in Turkey. Oh, wait… I don’t do that because I have two kids I need to feed here in the United States. 

But then again, I suppose that’s my own fault. If I had just aborted my two children I wouldn’t be suffering from this inflation so bad at least according to Stacy Abrams:

“Having children is why you’re worried about your price for gas, it’s why you’re concerned about how much food costs.”

Let’s also point out that there are quite a few countries that have lower inflation rates than we do:

  • Japan
  • Canada
  • China
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • Israel

But the Democrats don’t want to talk about it anymore. As Pelosi said:

“We have to change that subject.”

Her personal shopper hasn’t clued her in that her fancy ice cream is more expensive now. Of course, I could make a sloppy historical comparison to the French Revolution, where the price of bread skyrocketed…but I wouldn’t want anyone to lose their head over such a terrible historical reference.

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