2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, the former Vice President of the United States and senior Senator from Delaware, now claims it was a mistake to support some of the 1994 Crime Bill.

A bill he helped author.

Gosh, Joe. I hope you don’t make any more mistakes that drastically affect people’s lives like that.

Let me help you by not voting for you.

Before You Give Joe A Pass, Remember This

Once again, Biden helped write the bill, so this “support” thing is way off base.

He was against taking out Bin Laden, he was for NAFTA – OK are there any positions Biden took that ended up being the correct ones?

It seems like if there is a wrong choice, Biden will make it.

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People argued at the time that the bill would be far harsher on minorities than whites. 

For instance, minorities were far more likely to be convicted of possessing crack than cocaine. The bill mandated much longer sentences for crack than cocaine even though “crack” is a cocaine derivative.

That imprisoned blacks and other minorities far longer than white people for a similar crime.

In practice, it was much worse as cocaine possession was much more likely to be plea-bargained down to a lesser crime than crack possession.

Well, Joe, mistakes follow a person and are not forgiven these days. Even if it is from decades or centuries ago, a change of heart is not forgiven either.

We did not hear you say this during your eight years as vice president, nor was it revised or dismantled like it is now.

Why should you get a pass?

This is Nothing But Political Expediency

Apologizing for this bill three weeks before the election isn’t a good look, but Joe’s already shown that’s he’s more willing to stay silent on Black Lives Matter rioting and looting than to condemn it.

In 47 years of doing nothing in Washington, DC, Joe still managed to get something officially wrong.

Not a very good record, and yet the Democrats and RINOs still want him to be president.

He and his family did, however, manage to become multi-millionaires—a joke of great magnitude.

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How long until Joe says this bill was Trump’s fault? Seems to be his answer for everything else.

Democrats always accuse Trump of what they themselves are constantly doing.

It’s About The Polls And The Election!

Biden only cares about what the polls and focus groups tell him to care about. It started with the DNC and his failure to condemn the rioting and looting in our major cities, which caused him to slip in the polls.

A week later, he condemned the violence to try and regain those votes lost.

He has recently refused to answer direct questions about court-packing, going on record as saying voters can wait “until after the election” to find out and that they “don’t deserve to know.” 

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Of course, it will only come after days of carefully weighing the polls to select the best way to lean.

Now we have to listen to him reverse his course on the 1994 Crime Bill that he introduced, co-authored, and passed as legislation like he had nothing to do with it, and it was someone else’s piece of legislation.

Everyone knows that Joe is just a puppet and will bend to the will of progressives and special interests if elected. Reversing his course on court-packing and the 1994 Crime Bill tells me he is losing this election and knows it.