More Red-State Trump Voters Believe Their State Would Be ‘Better Off’ By Seceding From The U.S.

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A new Yahoo News/YouGov poll indicates more Trump voters from red states believe they’d be ‘better off’ personally if their state seceded than those who think they’d be ‘worse off.’

Overall, a vast majority of Americans frown on the idea that their state would be “better off” (just 18%) if their state were to secede, with 43% indicating they’d be “worse off,” 15% saying they’d be roughly the same, and an additional 24%  noting they weren’t sure what would happen.

A further breakdown of the poll shows just how those numbers line up for people in either red or blue states.

According to Andrew Romano, west coast correspondent for Yahoo News, “red-state Donald Trump voters are now more likely to say they’d be personally ‘better off’ (33%) than ‘worse off’ (29%) if their state seceded from the U.S. and ‘became an independent country.'”

Romano frets that these numbers are “a striking rejection of national unity.”

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Trump Voters Want to Secede?

Of course, the entire premise of the analysis and Romano’s writeup is an attempt to characterize red state Trump voters who want to secede as out-of-touch, ill-informed rubes.

Romano’s mention of a “striking rejection of national unity” fails to point out that the difference between Democrats who think the idea, in general, would make things better is nearly indiscernible from those of Republicans (18% to 22%).

Oh, and that unity thing?

A whopping 42% of Democrats (48% of Biden voters) have considered moving to another country over politics, as compared to 18% of Republicans (19% of Trump voters).

That seems to indicate red state Trump voters are more willing to fight for their own beliefs while blue state Biden voters are more willing to run.

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Political Divide Across Both Parties

A poll from October of 2021 demonstrated that Trump voters actually thought it’d be a great idea if the blue states seceded from the union, saving them the effort.

That poll from the UVA Center for Politics and Project Home Fire indicated that 52% of Trump voters leaned toward secession as a solution to the political differences currently gripping the country.

Not much lower, however, 41% of Biden voters at least somewhat agreed with the same sentiment.

Further analysis yielded that 25% of Trump voters strongly agree that blue states should secede while 18% of Biden voters strongly agree that red states should go.

A Bloomberg column from December shows the idea of secession isn’t limited to extremists either.

“A lot of extremists support their states seceding from the Union,” a tweet from Bloomberg read at the time. “Shockingly, so do a lot of non-extremists.”

The notion that it’s simply Trump-supporting radicals that have explored the idea seems rather simplistic.

The late, great conservative radio icon, Rush Limbaugh, just two months before his death, warned that America appeared to be heading down a path where secession would become more popular.

“I see more and more people asking what in the world do we have in common with the people who live in, say, New York?” he explained.

Limbaugh added that he had heard grumblings from others who believe “there cannot be a peaceful coexistence of two completely different theories of life, theories of government, theories of how we manage our affairs.”

In the latest poll, a shocking number of Biden voters want to see former President Trump prosecuted over the January 6th riot at the Capitol, with 91% saying so.

Talk about a politically divisive party. Independent voters are practically evenly split on the matter.

What say you?

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