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Missy Robertson Shared Tragic Details – PLEASE PRAY For Them!


Jase and Missy Robertson are two famous stars of the hit reality show Duck Dynasty. We all love this talented and hilarious family, as they always promote traditional values and sportsmanship.

Jase and Missy relied heavily on their faith in God to help them through a heartbreaking time.

Even though Jase and Missy had two children, it took more than a year for Missy to become pregnant again. Unfortunately, she had a miscarriage. And when she finally did get pregnant, it was very a difficult pregnancy but they were blessed with their daughter Mia. The Robertsons continue to trust their faith and God’s love as Mia had surgery earlier this year to repair a cleft palate and lip.

You have to watch this video from CBN (below) as they asked for God’s mercy:

He again called on God, ‘Please let her live, we’ve gone through all this… give her to us and we will do out best.

Amen… This is incredible!

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