Miss Nevada Stripped of Her Title Over Support for President Trump

Miss Nevada Katie Williams has been forced to relinquish her title over controversy surrounding her support for President Trump.

Williams, who deployed to Afghanistan in 2008 with the Army National Guard, posted a video to social media in which she claims she got the hook over her conservative stances.

“I just don’t understand how you can censor someone with conservative values when I’m not even really saying anything that’s bad,” she said.

Pageant officials deny the allegations, saying the problem was that Williams failed to separate her personal pro-Trump pages from those representing the pageant.

A) Whichever the case may be, the crux of the problem appears to be Trump. B) Do you think any contestant with pro-Hillary viewpoints would ever be subject to being stripped of their title? Of course not.

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Ridiculous Reasoning

Williams claims she did separate her pages, but her personal page included pageant information content and as such, the committee laid down the hammer.

“If you’re putting pageant stuff on your personal page, then that’s a pageant page. You’re combining it,” Miss America CEO Susan Jeske said, seemingly unable to grasp that a personal page can contain content of any kind pertaining to the person.

Jeske, it should be noted, was at one point a big fan of Williams combining personal and business content. Here she is urging Williams to get photos of her wearing the sash alongside President Trump and Donald Trump Jr.


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Jeske would later claim that such photos would have been cleared because they did not include an endorsement of any particular candidate. And she said this without choking on the obvious garbage that was coming out of her mouth.

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Another Beauty Queen Crackdown

Last month, Kathy Zhu was stripped of her title of Miss Michigan and dismissed from the Miss World America pageant over her conservative views.

Zhu refused to take legal action stating Miss World America had “suffered enough negative publicity – especially because they wanted to decrown me due to not wanting bad publicity in the first place.”

Will Miss America get an equal amount of backlash?

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