Minnesota Governor Tim Walz is poised to sign a pair of bills that recently passed the state Senate which restore the voting rights of convicted felons immediately upon release and grant the ability for illegal immigrants to obtain a driver’s license.

First up is legislation known as the Restore the Vote bill, having passed the Senate last week and the House’s version going through earlier this month.

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Both chambers are controlled by Democrats. CNN reports that Walz is “expected to sign the legislation” as soon as this week.

Minnesota will join 22 other states in restoring the voting rights of convicted felons the moment they leave prison – regardless of what happens during their parole. Three others allow criminals to vote while incarcerated.

CNN informs that Republican senators attempted to introduce amendments “preventing incarcerated people who had been convicted of more violent crimes, including child rape, from having their voting rights restored under the bill.”

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Democratic state Senate President Bobby Joe Champion, according to that report, dismissed concerns of that nature because “anyone who reoffended would ultimately have to go back to prison.”

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Minnesota Governor Set To Sign Bills Restoring Voting Right For Felons, Give Licenses to Illegal Immigrants

Next up for Minnesota’s Democrat Governor Tim Walz – the Driver’s Licenses for All bill that will allow illegal immigrants in the state to apply for driver’s licenses.

The bill calls for the removal of a rule implemented by former Governor Tim Pawlenty that required driver’s license applicants to show proof of legal residency in the United States, such as a social security number.

The text of the legislation states that applicants are “not required to demonstrate United States citizenship or lawful presence in the United States.”

Republican Minnesota state Sen. Glenn Gruenhagen had argued that the legislation could lead to bigger problems.

“What in your bill prevents that terrorist from coming to Minnesota, getting a driver’s license, and getting on an airline and committing a terrorist act?” he asked.

Republicans again tried to amend the bill by including the text “Not for Flying” or “Not for Voting” with their belief that access to a license could lead to more nefarious actions.

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Friend to Criminals

It should come as no surprise that Minnesota governor Tim Walz is a friend to felons and illegal immigrants.

This is the same man, after all, who waited on National Guard help from former President Donald Trump when widespread arson fires and looting were advancing in Minneapolis and St. Paul during the George Floyd riots.

He then turned around and requested that the feds declare Minnesota a “major disaster” zone in a letter to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), stating events amounted to the second most destructive incident of civil unrest in American history. 

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The Trump administration rejected the request and $16 million federal bailout.

Over 1,500 buildings were damaged by rioters in the wake of Floyd’s death, causing well over $500 million in damages, Walz had admitted.

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