Millionaire Ex-NFL Player Joins Chorus Of Tone Deaf Elites Okay Paying $20 At Pump If It Means ‘No Trump’

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Two-time Super Bowl champ turned Fox Sports NFL commentator Shannon Sharpe is happy for the rest of us to live with skyrocketing gas prices if that’s the price of no more mean tweets.

The 53-year-old former Denver Broncos tight end tweeted his disdain for former President Donald Trump in response to a challenge from another twitter user.

After Sharpe was seemingly complaining about gas prices, he was asked, “Do you still hate Donald?”

“I’d rather pay 20 bucks a gallon than have Trump in office. Hope that answers your question,” Sharpe tweeted in response.

So says the NFL pro turned celebrity sports analyst worth $15 million.

Celebrity Elite Lecture Every Day Americans On Cost of Gas

Of course, we’d all like to never have to worry about the cost of gas. Unfortunately, however, the reality for most of us is that our wallets are not bottomless and we have to make every dollar spent count.

Has anyone else noticed that it’s always the mega-rich elites who are preaching to us about how we should welcome high gas prices because it’s such a small sacrifice that WE (you know, because WE are all in the same boat) can make?

Case in point, Stephen Colbert called rising gas prices the cost of a “clean conscience”. The Late Night host joked that he’d even be okay with $15 per gallon before noting that he himself drives a Tesla.

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Shannon Sharpe Roasted For Gas Prices Comment

Sharpe’s nonchalance at paying an arm and a leg at the pump lit a firestorm on Twitter.

Buzz Patterson, a former congressional candidate and “carrier of the Nuke football” as USAF pilot, suggested maybe Sharpe has forgotten about the little people.

Those little people are the ones who shell out their hard-earned dollars for the NFL games that paid Sharpe’s salary.

Comedian Tim Young had the same thought.

Damani Felder of the The Right Brothers, however, wasn’t so polite when pointing out the tone-deaf nature of Sharpe’s statement.

The viral persona Catturd, of course, responded with his trademark humor.

Shannon Sharpe Echoes Chorus Of Mainstream Media + Elites

Sharpe’s comment joins the chorus of liberals choosing to prop up and excuse the current administration while smearing the previous. It seems no cost borne on the American people is ever too high if it’s at the whim of a Democrat elite.

A recent Washington Post op-ed really underscores this point. Writer Jennifer Rubin writes a defense of Biden’s economic performance. Rubin, it should be noted, is also the author of “Resistance: How Women Saved Democracy from Donald Trump.”

Erin Perrine, who ran communications for the Trump campaign, points out the sheer absurdity of her op-ed. The double standard to which the media holds Biden and his ilk vs. Trump is simply staggering.

“If it weren’t for the fact I can’t sing or dance, I could be the next Britney Spears.”

It seems no matter what failings or corruption are associated Biden (or his family) that it still comes down to “Democrats good, Orange man bad”.

Biden’s Blame Game

When it comes to inflation, the Biden administration has taken the blame game to a new level.

They’ve blamed inflation on everything from the delta variant in August 2021 to big box retail in December 2021.

So, of course, now the rising gas prices are Russia’s fault – Biden even called it “the Putin price hikes”. That almost sounds like a Trumpism that would’ve had the media clutching their pearls mere months ago.

Biden knows his policies are responsible for inflation yet he continues to deny culpability and furiously shift blame. 

Even Obama’s former top economic adviser, Larry Summers, called Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus stimulus package the “least responsible” economic policy in 40 years. Economists warned inflation would accelerate and were ignored.

Need an example?

US taxpayers will fund a $3.8 million grant to care for a captive bird species. To be more specific, the DOD is funding the project because the birds live on Navy grounds in California.

Full story: Defense Department To Spend $3.8 Million On Bird Care

Millionaire NFL alum Shannon Sharpe may not care about gas prices, but most of us do. Those of us with holes in our pockets will do well to remember how those holes got there next election.

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