Michigan AG Advocates For ‘A Drag Queen For Every School’ Because ‘Drag Queens Make Everything Better’

Michigan AG, Other State Officials Attend Woke Conference, AG Wants 'A Drag Queen For Every School'

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel called for there to be “a drag queen for every school” on Wednesday while attending the 2022 Michigan Civil Rights Summit.

A press release regarding the Summit stated in part that the main goal of the gathering was, “to analyze equity in education, housing, health care, voting rights, and economics.” It also stated that those in attendance would be looking at racism and other forms of discrimination, “through a systems lens.”  

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At the event, Nessel gave a speech where she talked about division within state government, saying “I am so tired of having prominent members of our state government create wedge issues that don’t help, that don’t heal us but divide us. And that’s all they do.”

“Drag queens make everything better. Drag queens are fun. Drag queens are entertainment. And you know what I’ll say that was totally not poll tested, I’d say this, ‘A drag queen for every school,’” 

Commentators and parents online began speaking out against Nessel’s remarks.

“So Democrats want drag queens in every school,” said radio host Todd Starnes, “but not armed law enforcement officers. That’s their official party platform.”


Michigan congressional candidate Tom Norton commented on Nessel’s remarks, posting to his official campaign Twitter account, “There you have it folks Dana Nessel has laid down the law!”

“Apparently we don’t need to read and write,” Norton continued, “‘We need more drag queens in school.'”

Nessel’s remarks came a day after Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene had tweeted that she would be introducing legislation to protect American school kids against exposure to age inappropriate subjects like drag queens.

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Parents Not On Board With Drag Queens

While AG Nessel touts the “fun” of drag queens, parents are fighting back. Back in March, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education Bill. The bill prohibits teachers and school districts from discussing such topics as gender identity, and sexuality in classrooms from kindergarten through third grade. 

Democrat politicians and the media immediately pounced on DeSantis and dubbed the bill the “don’t say gay” bill. Had anyone taken the time to actually read the bill, they would have found that the word “gay” is not anywhere inside the text. 

Thanks also to woke military officials, drag queens are beginning to appear on military bases. Ramstein Air Force Base announced a Drag Queen Story Hour for the children of those stationed on-base. It was summarily cancelled after complaints by parents surfaced.

This wasn’t the first time American taxpayer dollars went to such an event. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) fired off a letter to Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall. The letter stated:

“The last thing parents serving their nation overseas should be worried about, particularly in a theater with heightened geopolitical tensions, is whether their children are being exposed to sexually charged content simply because they visited their local library.”

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Begging For Oil From People Who Don’t Celebrate ‘Pride’

President Joe Biden is currently set to travel to the Middle East next month, including a stop in Saudi Arabia for meetings with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and his father, King Salman. While presumably there to beg for oil, he may want to be aware that the Saudis are not on considered supporters of the LGBTQ+ community.

Recently, the Saudi government announced it would be confiscating toys, clothes, and any other items depicting rainbows. A Commerce Ministry official stated the reason for the ban was, “We are giving a tour of the items that contradict the Islamic faith and public morals and promote homosexual colors targeting the younger generation.” They continued saying that rainbow depictions send ” a poisoned message” to children.

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