Michael Cohen Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison

Michael Cohen, former lawyer for President Donald Trump, was sentenced for a variety of charges, including tax evasion and lying to Congress.

Judge William H. Pauley has just sentenced Cohen to 3 years in prison.

Michael Cohen’s betrayal of Donald Trump

Cohen turned on President Trump by working with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is heading up the Russia collusion investigation, and taking a plea deal. (RELATED: Report: Michael Cohen To Plead Guilty In Mueller Probe.) Cohen copped to lying to Congress about how long the Trump Organization was in talks about building a Trump Tower in Moscow. The building proposal, which ultimately never went through, was discussed well into 2016, which, by itself, is not indicative of campaign collusion activity.

Cohen took time to trash Trump during his sentencing hearing:

For ratting on Trump and the Trump Organization, the Special Counsel team is indicating that Cohen may be used as a witness in the future.

Michael Avenatti makes an appearance

During the sentencing hearing, a familiar face was spotted. Michael Avenatti, the one-time 2020 Democrat hopeful, found a way to sneak into the courtroom.

It’s unclear why Avenatti was present for the proceedings. I suspect it has something to do with schadenfreude, as he helped lead a spurious libel case against President Trump while Cohen’s services were still retained. Avenatti’s case was a flop and his client, pornography actress Stormy Daniels, was just ordered to pay Trump’s legal fees. (RELATED: Judge Orders Stormy Daniels To Pay Donald Trump Nearly $300K In Legal Fees.)

Perhaps Avenatti was present to watch a fellow hapless lawyer get his comeuppance. I’m sure we’ll learn his motivation soon.

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