Earlier this week, left-wing comedienne Chelsea Handler disgustingly mocked First Lady Melania Trump, proclaiming that she would never have Mrs. Trump on her show because can “barely speak English.”

Despite the fact that Mrs. Trump speaks 5 languages fluently, Handler took to Twitter to continue her attack:

This is after multiple comedians attacked Melania’s 10 year old son, Barron. Now, Mrs. Trump is ready to fight back.

She’s reportedly assembling a team of staffers to fight back against liberal attacks against herself and her family!

From Page Six:

Now President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, is firing back on Melania’s behalf. He told Page Six, “Shame on Chelsea Handler for attacking our first lady in such a despicable manner.” Cohen added, “Don’t be fooled by her accent. Melania is bright and articulate. To be clear, our first lady speaks multiple languages, I believe five. How many languages do you speak, Chelsea?”

White House insiders say that the first lady is close to finalizing her team to manage these attacks. Sources close to the administration exclusively tell Page Six former Vogue staffer and Met Ball organizer Stephanie Winston Wolkoff — who also masterminded Trump’s inauguration events with Tom Barrack — is being tapped as Melania’s chief strategist and is helping interview and select candidates for the first lady’s chief of staff, communications chief and social secretary.

Earlier this week, the White House formally requested the media continue the “longstanding tradition that the children of presidents are afforded the opportunity to grow up outside of the political spotlight.” The statement came on the heels of a Saturday Night Live writer tweeting that Barron Trump would become the nation’s “first homeschool shooter.”

Kudos to First Lady Melania Trump for standing up for her family and courageously fighting back against the left’s attacks!

Regular Americans have the First Lady’s back, too. Check out the responses to Chelsea Handler:

A couple people pointed out how much more educated Melania is than Handler, too:

Do you support Melania’s decision to form a team to help combat the vicious attacks against her and her family? Share your thoughts below! 

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