Meet the Young, Trump-Loving Republican Woman Who Wants to Dethrone Nancy Pelosi

DeAnna Lorraine is many things–a relationship expert, outspoken conservative, political pundit and the author of the book “Making Love Great Again: The New Road to Reviving Romance and Winning at Relationships.”

She’s also challenging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in California’s 12th Congressional District as a Republican.

In a recent interview with The Daily Wire, Lorraine talked about her campaign and what issues she believes conservatives should concentrate on heading into 2020.

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What Made Lorraine Want to Get Into Politics?

Lorraine says she decided to jump into politics because, “the personal has become the political. And it really got me active because we aren’t addressing the real issues that are affecting America and the family unit. We need to restore the things that are part of making American great. We have to focus on things like the culture, relationships, and the family.”

“So I decided to run for Congress to really make a difference,” she added.


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When asked how she would answer charges that she’s not fit for office due to having no political experience, Lorraine said, “This is the new school of politics and government. Trump wasn’t a politician, but he won the presidency against all odds. Then we have Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who, like her or hate her, was a bartender and now she is an outspoken member of Congress.”

“And yes, I’m not a seasoned politician, but that is my asset,” she insisted. “I’m down in the trenches with my fellow Americans and I’m dealing with what they are dealing with. I’m not sitting in a gate-guarded mansion totally out of touch with America.”

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Does She Think She Can Win?

But does she really think she can pose a formidable challenge to Pelosi?

“I’m bringing the issues right to Nancy Pelosi’s front door,” Lorraine said. “Yes, it’s a long haul and a tough battle, but I think we can win this and show conservatives are here.”

“Previous Republicans who have challenged Nancy Pelosi have been softer on the issues and have tried to cater to the Left.,” she said. “I have yet to see a real conservative issue these candidates have been championing, but I’m going to be championing issues we need to have national discussions about.”

What are those issues?

“We need to address fatherless homes, … broken family courts, LGBTQ curriculums in school, national security that affects this district, and repair some of these issues,” Lorraine said.

“Most Republicans have backed down and I won’t shy away from these issues,” she concluded.

The entire interview is worth your time.

As for what comes next for this young conservative woman, time will tell. Again, Nancy Pelosi’s district is historically and nearly unanimously blue, so Lorraine has her work cut our for her.

But the House Speaker probably hasn’t faced a challenger more ready than DeAnna Lorraine in a very long time.


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