Media’s Doom And Gloom Is Spreading Like A Virus Too!

If a growing number of Americans no longer trust nor respect much of the media, the media have only themselves to blame.

Sadly, they show no signs of having the ability to recognize that, nor do they show the capacity for introspection and conducting an honest self-assessment. I think everyone agrees; the media needs to self-quarantine, the less of it/them, the better.

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The national and cable networks should be allowed to broadcast once in the morning and again in the evening. That’s it. Nobody needs 24/7 coverage of indoctrinating footage and opinions.


They have been raining negativity on anything positive about President Trump. They are the dark clouds blocking out the sunlight of America rising, of America fighting and winning against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Thanks to the media, many of us are living our lives like a scene out of “On the Beach” where friends are living, pretending the end of life, as we know it, is not about to happen, but deep down inside, they see the end is near. This crisis has been blown way out of proportion to the reality of the danger of this virus.

In today’s New York Post, there is an article about how there have been no new reports of this virus in Wuhan, where this tragedy was born. You’ll have to search for it because it does not fit the MSM template. Was that even a blip on the radar of the networks, nope.

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Mostly everything they report is FAKE or has some sinister agenda meant to cause panic and hate. Slowly people are waking up to this fact, because – ironically they keep accusing Trump and us of what they are guilty of. Think when this virus suddenly dies off- the death map will look much like the blue vote map after each presidential election.

The majority of the nation is red, but the inner cities, Indian reservations- and coastal Elites – all vote Democrat. They announced on some station that Trump’s supporters will die in greater numbers- but they are really talking about themselves.

How many of you believe China could have minimized this pandemic had they been honest with the world. But, Communism cannot allow criticism in any form. It hinders the illusion of the purported utopian image they wish to convey. Now, think about our media in the same sense.


As for this selfish Gen Z generation, I think that the phenomenon we see of people defying the social distancing directive is a result of these media sources crying wolf for so long, many people don’t believe that this is a truly national and global threat to humanity after negative conditioning of their perceptions.

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This is a crime and is no different than someone yelling “fire!” in a crowded theatre falsely. We need to consider what we are to do with this as a society- it’s beyond free speech because the intention is to deceive, and the potential result understood and catastrophic.

So here I sit, isolated from my family and friends, because of a government, whose only concern is their world image, and our unforgivably punitive press who do what they do because they hate America and what America represents.

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