With the border wall and DREAMers being the hot topic in Washington these days, it would seem pertinent to analyze what civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. might think about the debate.

Democrats and the Trump Administration have been battling over funding for the border wall and DACA, drawing lines in the sand and flip-flopping on their original stance.

For instance, Democrats are opposing border wall funding that they voted in the affirmative for just five years ago.

Trump, meanwhile, urged lawmakers to solve the problem of those in the country here under Obama’s illegal DACA program, saying he hopes they pass a “bill of love.”

Today, we’re going to look at what MLK may have said about illegal immigration to hopefully resolve this squabble.

And what better person for that than Clarence B. Jones, a former lawyer, close advisor, and speechwriter for the civil rights icon?

Here are some top quotes about illegal immigration from Jones book, ‘What Would Martin Say,’ regarding what he thinks MLK would have to say about the matter of illegal immigration.

  • On illegal immigration in general: He’d say, ‘If you’re in this country illegally, have you come here in order to protest what you consider an ‘unjust law?’ If you haven’t, then for whatever other reason you’re here, even if it’s to make money for your sick child, which is as good a reason as there is, then you’re just violating the immigration laws of this country and deserve no more consideration from the authorities than does a thief.”
  • On groups who use King’s name in the fight for illegal immigration: Jones imagines that King would’ve told groups such as La Raza, “I find it offensive and insulting when you wave Mexican and Salvadoran flags and compare yourself to civil rights demonstrators — black American citizens — who were denied their inalienable rights as Americans by those who hated them only and entirely because of their skin color.”
  • On politicians who support illegal immigrants over legal immigrants or American citizens: “You were elected to do what’s right by your American constituents, whether or not they line your pockets with reelection donations. Please, before you make it easier for the unfortunate of other countries to come here, consider the cost of your actions on the less fortunate of the country whose Constitution you’ve sworn to uphold.”

There’s little doubt Democrats will invoke MLK in their attempts to create open borders and fatten up their electoral base. Show them these quotes when they try to do so.

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